February 14, 2024

10 Modern Rugs

Rugs are a design super hero. They can change ANY space but that also makes them extremely hard to shop for and to get RIGHT. My personal preference for rugs leans more organic modern in muted colors but I still have respect for something bold and bright or more vintage. That said, here are 10 modern rugs that I sourced for you! If you are looking for something specific, let me know and I’ll see what I can find.

Modern Rug Round Up

living room with brown rug and red artwork

Subtle Prints

1. I love the subtle print on this rug and the warm brown tones. Brown is BACK babes.

green striped rug in living room

Muted Colors

2. Just picked up this stunner for my home! I love the subtle olive green. I have been on the look out for a green rug (they are hard to get right!) and this one is perfect.

orange rug

Geometric Patterns

3. I love this if you want to make a bold statement with a pop of color. It also comes in green in blue!

blue rug

Cool-Toned Neutrals

4. This rug has been on my list for a while! I love how its simple but still has the visual interest around the border. It feels neutral while still bringing color to the space.

cream rug with black pattern

Classic Colors and Negative Space

5. You can’t beat a classic cream and black rug. I think it is really cool how the black lines also create this negative space between the design.

blue and green rug

Statement Piece

6. This one leans more traditional but I love the mix of colors. It feels like it could make such a statement with some neutral furniture and some colorful drapes. I can totally see it in my mind!

floral jute rug

Feminine Details

7. This feminine design is such a great contrast to the jute material! I could see this looking beautiful in a girls room or an entryway.

forest green rug

Traditional Plaid

8. This deep forest green rug is absolutely lovely. I love the larger window pane grid too! Feel very much like a modern rug take on a traditional plaid approach.

rug with scallop boarder

Trendy Shapes

9. SAY LESS. I love that this rug has a unique border! Why are they all straight? This scallop is delicious. Now I am on the look out for one with a squiggle border.

beige and tan striped rug

Tile-Inspired Design

10. Another beauty from the new Chris Loves Julia Collection! I love how this one had a change up around the border of the rug. This is one of those rugs that will look good anywhere.

Find more black and white graphic rugs here and another round up of modern rugs here!

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