October 28, 2016


Here it is, year 27.

When I envisioned my future I never really had a clear idea of where I would be or what I would do. I thought maybe I would have a kid, but probably not. I thought I would be married. I had no vision of where I would like, but I knew it wouldn’t be Puyallup.

I never saw Texas in my future. I never saw being so into fiber arts. In my earlier life I would always say “I’m not creative!” and now I know that really every one is. I never saw working daily in advertising. I never saw having uncertainty about my faith. I never pictured being aunt and having a niece and nephew. I never saw living only 25 mins away from my family.

All of those are surprises, but I guess that is what makes life interesting.

One thing that I am really proud of is accepting this year that I needed to get some help. So with a drum roll please… I started going to therapy. I have only been going for a few short weeks but I already sense a shift occurring.

Things I love: Sonic Diet Coke with Lime. Michael. Watching Lularoe Periscopes but never buying anything.
Things I hate: People texting while they drive
Normal Day: Work before 9am, lunch, exercise class, weaving, tv, bed.
Shoes: Birkenstocks.
Fave Outfit: Leggings with an oversized mens t-shirt.
Places Traveled: DC, Chicago, Iceland, Denmark, Paris, Sweden, NYC, Arizona, Utah

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