October 10, 2017


Just like that 27 is gone and today I am 28. This year has been a year. Let’s recap with a few noteworthy things:

I am in a band. A duo. Whatever you want to call it. Kylie told me that I have to learn an instrument this year so we can actually call ourselves that. It has been both challenging and rewarding. We write songs and have actually been paid to play them. This is one of my biggest dreams. I actually wrote in my journal in 2016 that my biggest dream was to be in a band and here we are. I am in a band. Plus, I got a new friend out of it. So that’s pretty cool. Maybe 28 is the year of the EP? I hope so.

I got a new job. I left working on Chili’s for a different agency working on Pier 1. I really like the challenge of retail and it has been an excellent move for both my mental and physical health. Hello in office gym that I love.

I decided to start going to therapy. WHAT A FREAKING GAME CHANGER. Learn about setting and keeping boundaries, how to actually feel things, and accept myself where I am in this very moment. The journey will continue but if the progress I have made in one year is any indicator of what is to come, I am super excited about it.

Things I love: Bai Bubbles – Lambari Watermelon. Michael. Instagram. Overcoats. The Good Place. Madewell. Penny & Dime.
Things I hate: Being hot.
Most frequent question: “Who is the Penny & who is the dime?”
Normal Day: Wake up around 7:15, get to work before 8:30am (or I am late and they charge me 8.63!), work, eat, exercise, work, home, dinner, tv, read, bed.
Everyday Shoes: Birkenstocks, but a new pair in black.
Fave Outfit: Leggings with an oversized mens t-shirt. NAKED CAT SHIRT.
Travel: Denmark. Phoenix. Utah. Los Angeles.

Now onto 28.

P.S. I did this list for 26 and it was fun so I am bringing it back.
P.S.S. Ten points to whoever can spot Michael in the above picture.

Photo by Jovanna De La Peña Joyner

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