December 12, 2019


I turned 30. Normally I write a blogpost commemorating the past year but this year it is two months late. Which I think speaks to the crazy year that I have had. I was making a list (and if you know me, you know I live by the list) of things that have happened over the past year and wow. They say that life never slows down and they aren’t kidding.

The most wonderful part of the my 30th year was the fact that I became a mother to Abbott. It was like an expansion of the person that I thought I was. It was truly a joy. I know it’s not everyone’s experience, but it was mine. Those first 4 months while I was on maternity leave were really wonderful. It doesn’t hurt that he is a complete angel baby. I like who I am when I am with him and he makes me better.


One of the hardest things about this year was renovating our home. Let me start by saying YES I understand the getting to do this is pretty fortunate, first world problem and all that. BUT honestly it has held so much mental space for me over the last year that it became a physical, emotional, and spiritual burden. We are almost through the woods on it and I welcome the perspective that I hope it brings. Essentially we hired someone that made a lot of promises he couldn’t keep. It’s a lesson. So it left us in a compromised financial situation as well as elongated the entire process. We haven’t had a kitchen for 10 months. Hence the physical challenge. We are so lucky all baby perkins needs to survive at this point is milk and some baby food. So being here at the almost end of it there is from frantic energy as well as the sense of peace that should be on the other side. I would never ever ever recommend doing a whole home renovation while living there.


Things that I can’t wait for:
Not having random dudes at my house every day
Not having to park on the street because there is a dumpster in my driveway
NO MORE DUST (there is seriously so so so much)


Other items of note about my 30th jaunt around the sun, I had a really scary tumor but it was removed and now I am fine. It was larger than 6 inches and weighed over a pound. I am amaze at the resilience of the human body and how it can heal itself. I have had two surgeries, two ER visits, and countless doctors appointments. I am very grateful for my health insurance and understand what a privilege it is to have access to medical care that doesn’t put me in crippling debt. Everyone should have that right. I will GLADLY pay more in taxes to accommodate that (but I think Jeff Bezos should too).


I’ve made some pretty great strides at work. I have serious imposter syndrome about most things and question myself, but I am getting better at taking a step back and saying, no you got this. You’re smart and capable.


Penny & Dime is basically done with the album. It is going to release early next year and I am so freaking pumped about it. We have spent so much time on this and it love where it has landed. Putting a piece of art in the world like that is super scary. I am scared. But I am excited. I hope people like it.


And there is it. Here is my birthday check list. Here we go thirties! Still need to watch 13 going on 30 to commemorate this. My birthday this year got a little lost, because we had some stuff going on, but I am ready to celebrate big.


Things I love: Baby Perkins. Michael. My two Perkins boys. Kacey Musgraves. Living close to family.
Things I hate:  Renovating a house and not having a kitchen.
Most frequent question: “How are you feeling?”
Normal Day: This changed depending on the time period. Typical work stuff but there was a glorious period in there where I wore sweat pants and hung out with my baby all day.
Shoes: Birkenstocks.
Fave Outfit: Can you say maternity leggings?
Travel: Denmark. Virginia. Oklahoma. Huh, you don’t travel as much with a baby.

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