August 08, 2016

5th Year Anniversary Photos

Five years of marriage folks. Michael and I are officially out of the newlywed consideration set I think. The best part about this last year is the closeness that we have developed. Throughout this last year we have both grown a lot and made a concerted effort to be vulnerable. Sharing deeper parts of ourselves. It is really paying off. It is hilarious to think back to when we first got married because it feels like we were total strangers, knowing all that we do now. I am so thankful I decided to trust my gut five years ago.

Michael is truly a good person and consistently surprises me with how he expresses empathy. I have never known another person to be so aware of others and what they are feeling. I love him more than I can express and I am excited by the prospect of trying everyday to outwardly demonstrate how much I feel for him. How lucky I am to be in love with someone who is so inherently good and kind. What more could I ask for?

We took our photos a little early this year because we were heading to Chicago for a vacation in April. Our favorite photographer Momoko Fritz snapped these for us and I love them. She shoots film and the texture on these just makes it worth it. No fake film grain here. I really like how these capture our more everyday looks and also catch a part of our favorite city in the world. I would also like to say go me for remembering to wear my wedding ring this year because last year I totally forget.

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