April 18, 2024

9 Squiggle Mirrors that are Changing my Home Décor Game

Let’s talk squiggle mirrors! I recently purchased a black wood squiggle mirror at Homegoods, and let me tell you…that thing brings me SO MUCH JOY. If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’m on a squiggle KICK! Squiggle anything… that’s my jam. So, when I went to Homegoods, I saw the perfect mirror, and LEFT IT BEHIND. What was I thinking, you might ask? No idea. So, I went back in hopes of it still being there. Lo and behold, she was right where I left her! I didn’t think twice about it this time, and she came home with me. 

The only dilemma after this was where to put it. I considered either the bathroom or the closet.  Several of you suggested that I put it in my closet because it would spark joy daily and you were right. It confirmed that I have the best dang audience here at Perkins on Parkway, and that you’re all as obsessed with this trend as I am. I also love all of the squiggle things you send my way, it always brings a smile to my face and I’m so glad you’re here!

Since you all stuck around for the squiggle mirror saga, I wanted to bring you some content that will make your squiggle dreams come true! I searched high and low for the best squiggle mirrors on the market, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. ~ ~ ~ 

We’ve got mirrors from low to high price points and many different sources, so let’s jump in!

Black Squiggle Mirror

#1 – I’m here for this full-length wavy mirror from Urban Outfitters! I’m picturing this in a colorful bedroom so that the matte black frame can stand out as a nice, classic contrast. I love it leaned up against the wall, but it can be hung as well…SO VERSATILE! This one is on the pricier side, but I’m still loving it.

A Mirror With a Shelf

#2 – Another Urban Outfitters WIN. The Ebba wall mirror has the squiggle we’re looking for, presented in a unique way, AND it’s super functional with the added shelf space. This mirror is playful, and might I add that it also comes in light blue, giving us the pop of color I’m always looking to incorporate in my house! This would be perfect in a bedroom, over your bathroom sink, or even in your entryway.

A small white squiggle mirror with a small shelf
A small white squiggle mirror styled in a bedroom with a globe lamp below it, candles, and perfume resting on the shelf

A Mirror with Just a Hint of Squiggle

#3 – I love the combination of the clean right angles paired with the large wave on one side. This is an Etsy find that is reasonably priced and comes in six colors; what’s not to love? These pictures also prove that this mirror is versatile and fits nicely in a modern, neutral room with clean lines or a room full of color and bold accent pieces. I love it both ways!

A black mirror hung above an orange sofa
A black mirror with a squiggle frame styled in a white living room

A Statement Mirror

A gold squiggle mirror leaning against a wall
A gold squiggle mirror

#4 – This mirror from Ethnik Living is incredible. It’s the largest mirror in the lineup and is a total statement piece. It catches your eye and creates a sense of movement in whatever space it’s in. This mirror is very subtle, but the gold frame is a unique addition that puts this one over the top for me. I’m dreaming of this in my bedroom!

The rest of the mirrors in the round-up can all be found on Amazon! You’re going to love these ones, so let’s keep moving.

Wavy Mirrors Too!

A large wavy-shaped mirror leaning against a wall
A large wavy mirror next to a sideboard

#5 – This is the most abstract design that you’ll find in this post. This asymmetrical mirror is fit for a room with a modern aesthetic, which is why it caught my eye! In the pictures above, you can see how nicely it contrasts the clean lines on the walls and furniture. The perfect pairing in my opinion.

A Small Mirror To Fit in Any Room

A rectangular wavy mirror with a light wooden frame
A circular mirror with a squiggle wood frame

#6 and #7 – These two mirrors come from the same line on Amazon, and I couldn’t choose my favorite! We haven’t seen a round mirror with a wavy frame yet, and you can’t beat a small accent mirror, so I had to include both. Both mirrors are on the smaller side and would be excellent accent pieces. They won’t steal the show in whatever room they are placed in, but they will provide the unique aesthetic that we’re all searching for. 

A Natural Squiggle Mirror

#8 – My DIY heart screamed when I found this mirror! The natural wood and thick frame give me the itch to grab some plywood and my jigsaw and try this design! But I know that might be intimidating to some, so this mirror gives you a natural, Scandinavian design vibe, without having to DO IT YOURSELF!

Don’t Forget About Color!

A white squiggle shaped mirror
A green squiggle shaped mirror

#9 – Last but not least, let me give you a little color! If you follow me on socials, you know that I’m loving the color green and always looking for ways to incorporate different shades of it into my own home. For those of you that can’t get on board with this color, the mirror comes in four more color ways! The double frame and texture of the fabric give this mirror dimension and creates the illusion of a wider space. So consider that when choosing which room this belongs in! 

BONUS: I ordered this mirror for my upcoming entryway project… and you get a sneak peek! Can’t wait.

Whichever mirror you choose, know that I love them all and don’t think you can go wrong with any of them! Let’s keep the squiggle aesthetic alive together.

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