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Interiors have always been a passion of mine – at the mature age of 14 I convinced my mom to let me paint her living room lime green…bless that woman. So when our first home needed a major renovation, I jumped at the challenge. I thought we would DIY the house room-by-room over time, but once we found out we were expecting our first child, we pivoted to an entire gut remodel. We took our house down to the studs!

One male and female standing in front of a brick house
A white living room with a grey couch, a coffee table and a large bookcase

Whelp, it turns out renovations can be a nightmare. While paying professionals was the right choice, it came with serious growing pains, busted budgets, and dramatic deadline lapses. Did I mention this was all while pregnant, taking care of a newborn, and surviving postpartum complications? Like I said, a nightmare! I learned so much about what not to do. I wish I had been more prepared beyond expecting the usual “it will cost twice as much and take twice as long.” 


That said, the project was also empowering. After watching contractors day-in and day-out working on projects around my home I thought, “I can do that.” After our renovation wrapped up, our bank accounts were drained, so I started DIYing projects we couldn’t afford to hire out. I also started sharing my process and projects online where I found an incredible community of like-minded women that cheered me on.

I am here to help you develop your personal style, teach you how to DIY projects around your home, and empower you to manage your own renovation. 

Please avoid the mistakes that I made! From budgeting to designing, a contractor engagement plan, Perkins On Parkway can provide the tools to help you be successful. Sign up for our newsletter here to get 10 questions to ask any contractor before they start.

Thank you for being here. Let’s make something together! 

The POP Team

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Meet our team.

Krystle Perkins


When she isn’t tearing something apart to put it back together, she is probably spending time with her son, starting a new hobby, or writing a song for her band Penny & Dime. You can always catch her drinking Diet Coke with lime out of her favorite Stanley cup.

Michael Perkins


Have you ever met someone with so many books they can’t count them all? That’s Michael. He loves reading, traveling, eating sushi, and watching TV. He has been the Perkins On Parkway intern since day one and is just waiting on his offer to go full-time.