November 6, 2014

Chicago Eats // Shake Shack

I’ve decided that I am going to chronicle all of the new places that I eat in Chicago. Eating is quite seriously my #1 hobby. 
Chicago got a Shake Shack this week! Huzzah times a million. I can officially join the trendy social quarter that eats at Shake Shack on the regular. Because it just opened this week there was a line situation. My friend Linzi was gracious enough to take care of the bulk of the wait. I showed up at the last minute and just climbed into the front of the line with her. Forgive me. With this bad boy only 5 blocks from work I might have a serious waist line issue. 
Here’s the Sitch
Place: Shake Shack
Order: Shack Burger, Salted Carme”L” Concrete, Root Beer, Crinkle Fries. Pure Delicious Gluttony.
Price: $16.47 – a little steep in my opinion, but then again I did order basically everything on the menu.
Atmosphere: Surprisingly relaxing. Quaint outdoor patio feel with the charming hanging lights. They also have the famous Chicago windows that completely open during the warmer months. Can’t wait for that!
With: Linzi South (you might make me take this picture down…)
Rating: Two Thumbs up.
Come visit me and we can eat here?

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