February 08, 2024

Closet Organization Ideas

This last week has been all about decluttering my life and using these closet organization ideas to get my primary closet organized. When life starts to feel overwhelming, the closet is the first part of the house to show signs of it. Slowly my clothes stop getting hung and end up in piles. Laundry doesn’t get put away, and then all of a sudden you are dressing primarily from the dryer after throwing in a frantic load. I have really wanted to spend some dedicated time going through all of our things, because after 5 going on 6 years of living in this home, we really haven’t done that… well, ever.

For the most part the closet was totally functional, but I have ordered and added some products that really made a big difference in the way it came together. Even Michael the Intern got on board with these closet organization ideas.

interior of a closet that is well organized
drawer open with folded shirts and drawer dividers

Closet Organization Idea #1: Upgrade daily touch points

Are the items that you handle on a day to day basis as functional as they could be? I thought my drawers were working fine until I saw the before and after with drawer dividers. WOW. Now my drawers feel like they fit so much more plus I can finally see everything.

drawer dividers for closet organization

Do the pant hangers that come from the store work? Mostly. Are these way better? 100%. I felt like such an adult when I replaced all of my pant hangers with these. Everything looks so streamlined and cohesive, plus I love how the clip can slide to the correct dimensions for your specific pants. Super nice.

pant hangers for closet organization

Closet Organization Idea #2: Hide away items you don’t use everyday

These large comforter storage bags are perfect for large blankets and other bulky bedding that you need to store. I like that they have a clear window on the side so you can see what is inside without unzipping or unpacking the back.

beige storage canvas bags for closet organization

These under bed storage bins are great for seasonal clothing that you don’t need hanging in your closet year-round. I am using these for my bulky winter coats I definitely don’t need during the hot Texas summer.

under the bed storage bins for closet organization

Closet Organization Idea #3: Make things easy to access and find

This simple labels are dry erase and make it so both Michael and I know what goes where. Sometimes the bins get a random assortment of things that we don’t quite know how to organize. Now it will be easy to put things where they belong with a simple reminder from these metal dry erase labels.

metal clip-on dry erase labels for closet organization

I have a lot of higher shelves that I just don’t use because I can’t reach them (short people problems) so I got this super simple thin step ladder and I can’t believe how much I love it! Makes it so much easier to reach the higher shelves and rods for hanging clothing items.

white step ladder for closet organization

Here are some other ways to get organized this year!

Note: If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission or have a sponsored relationship with the brand, at no cost to you. We recommend only products we genuinely like. Thank you so much.

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