December 12, 2023

Christmas Decor that Brings Joy | 11 Colorful Ideas

The holidays bring childlike cheer every year and our homes should reflect that! This year, I am noticing that I’m drawn to more colorful, Scandinavian Christmas decor than in years past. We are entering our color era here. 

With becoming a mom, I’m throwing “trendy” out the window this Christmas and focusing on things that feel special to me and my family. I make the holiday magic for my son now and as he gets a little older, these are the moments he will remember for a lifetime. We all remember pieces of the holiday season from our childhood, it could be the cereal bowls that your mom got out as soon as she cleaned up the kitchen from Thanksgiving or putting your favorite ballerina ornament on the tree. 

I love the search to find holiday decor that feels like me. Here are some of my favorite, whimsical decor pieces.


Envelope Advent Calendar

advent garland in red, yellow, and green colors with numbered embroidered on each fabric envelope

These little envelopes just pull on my heartstrings! They’re a sweet twist on a traditional advent calendar and I can see opening them up becoming a favorite tradition.

String Lights

Glass Lights

blue bulbs are evenly spaced on a sparkly garland

String lights are a staple in holiday decorating! They add the light we crave all winter long, so these blue glass bulbs do the trick in style!

Textiles as Christmas Decor

Pillow Cover

a seafoam green pillow has a white tree decorated with red ornaments on the front

Pillow covers are such an easy way to transform your living room into a winter wonderland! One of my favorite color combinations is this light blue and red – so fun!


Colorful Stockings

quilted stockings in various patterns are hanging from a simple mantle covered in candles and pinecones

Mixed-matched stockings are always a great way to add personality to your home during the holidays. These brightly colored beauties caught my eye and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since!

Tree Skirt

Quilted Tree Skirt

a velvet green tree skirt is quilted with a sawtooth design

Nothing is as cozy as a quilt. Add some warmth to your tree with this beautiful skirt! The colors are so deep, all of the fun ornaments and gift wrap will really pop against it.


Holiday Mugs

christmas mugs are decorated with nutcracker, santa, and christmas tree themes

These mugs are absolutely stunning and sprinkle the magic of the holidays into your kitchen. The colors are a classic Christmas decor motif, but something about the style makes it feel fresh and fun!


Serving Trays

serving trees depict snowy villages

The idea of a Nordic village is as cozy as it gets. I love these because they’re playful and remind me to slow down and enjoy every cozy moment this season.

Colorful Christmas Decor Around The House

Candle Stacks

colorful candles are displayed on a table

These stackable candles are just as fun as they are festive! Every day you can come up with a new arrangement, doesn’t get much better than that!

Paper Stars

paper stars in different shades of green and white

The most magical thing you can do is hang something pretty from your ceiling. These paper stars are classy and playful all in one and I’m adding them to my cart immediately!

Seasonal Print

a whimsical picture shows an apartment building from the outside and its occupants celebrating Christmas through the windows

You know I love a good print, so having some festive ones in my house is a must! These colors aren’t the traditional green and red, but feel Christmas-y just the same!

Mini Trees

snow-flocked bottle brush trees in green, white, and pink

I love everything about this pack of mini trees! The colors coordinate perfectly with each other while still feeling relatively neutral, making them easy to spread around my whole house!

I feel like I’ve waited long enough, it’s officially time to start decorating here in the Perkins household! As we are fully embracing our color era, what are you drawn to this holiday season? If you are looking for a fun Christmas craft to try check out one of my favorites here!

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