February 19, 2021

DIY Candle Holder

For me a DIY is successful when simplicity meets modern form and function. This DIY candle does just that. It literally only requires a hot glue gun and an afternoon to put together yet looks stunning. I could definitely see this styled in lots of places around home. Bookshelf, coffee table, credenza.

1 1/2 Inch wood ball knobs with flat bottom – I purchase these wood balls in store at Hobby Lobby, the exact ones are sold out online.
1 1/2 Inch wooden balls – I purchase these in store and they are linked here.
1 1/2 Inch wood ball dowel cap – The ones I purchase in store are linked here.
Hot glue sticks and hot glue (the ultimate DIY tool IMO)
Mini taper candles

Here are some additional options for wood balls. When you are shopping ensure they are all the same size. I used 1 1/2 inches. You could go larger or smaller depending on the scale you want. Additionally, if possible pay attention to the wood species. You will want them all to be the same for a cohesive look. You are going to need wood balls, ball knobs and dowel caps to get my exact look. However you could easily replace the ball knobs with regular wood balls in my opinion.


Other candle options that could be cute, just make sure to confirm the size of your dowel cap before ordering! Also, this is the best candle trick of all time.


1. Connect 1.5 inch wooden ball knobs with tiny dots of hot glue in 3×3 grid for level one. I tried to use the smallest amount of glue possible. The less glue you use the less glue you can see from the side. I also used two piece of scrap wood to form a 90 degree corner. I used this as a guide for keeping my square square.

2. Follow the same steps as before, except for this time you are going to also connect via a dot of glue on the bottom of each ball. Connect 1.5 inch wood ball in 3×3 grid as second level.

3. Connect 1.5 inch ball dowel to level 2. You are going to want to ensure each dowel cap it at a 90 degree angle. I used a taper candle in each hole when I was hot gluing it in place to ensure it was straight. An idea given by a follower was to turn all the dowel caps upside down and connect them in their own 3×3 grid, then connect that entire grid to the previous two rows. I think this would be great way to go about it and would ensure that all your holes are at a 90 degree angle!

4. Add mini taper candles.

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