November 19, 2021

DIY Christmas Activity Advent Calendar

Make your own DIY Christmas activity advent calendar. Let’s focus on memory making this Holiday season instead of consumption. If you are anything like me the holidays FLY by. This calendar is meant to help you slow down and capture those small moments. The Christmas movie marathons. The hot cocoa. Driving down the street to see the neighbors lights. All the simple things that really make the holiday special.

Below you will find a PDF that you can download and print and the step by step directions to make your own. Enjoy!


  1. Brach or wooden dowel (find one outside!)
  2. Kraft Favor boxes 2x2x2
  3. Ribbon, Paint, Paint brush, whatever you want to decorate your box with! These stickers would be so fun for kids.
  4. String/Thread
  5. Hot glue gun
  6. Faux pine floral & cinnamon sticks (optional)

Activity Advent Calendar Steps:

  1. Assemble 24 of the kraft 2x2x2 paper boxes.
  2. Decorate boxes with ribbon, paint, leather – anything you want! I went for a more Scandinavian natural approach but this would be so fun to do with kiddos letting them run wild with glitter/stickers, you name it!
  3. Download the Activity Advent PDF and print! Or you can write down you own activities, whichever you prefer.
  4. Cut out the activities into small pieces of paper.
  5. After your boxes dry, hot glue a piece of string in to the lid of each one of your decorated boxes. You won’t be able to see it once it is closed!
  6. Tie one string on both side of your brand to form a hanger.
  7. Hang your brand on the wall.
  8. Begin tying your boxes on the branch. I like to start in the middle with the longest string/box first and then work my way up. I wait until I have everything placed before I tie a double knot.
  9. After the boxes are placed, add in the faux pine floral and cinnamon sticks.
  10. Find a place to hang in your home and enjoy!

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