September 15, 2022

Dollar Tree DIY: Wooden Mushroom Garland

When I walked into the Dollar Tree and saw these wooden mushrooms I knew I had to make something with them! They also had wooden acorns and apples at the store that I considered adding to this garland, but then I decided to just go all in on the mushrooms. I am pretty happy with that choice! You know for fall I like to keep my decor pretty casual so this natural wood finish is absolutely perfect to keep the vibe minimal. This Dollar Tree DIY is very beginner friendly and can easily be done in an afternoon! No power tools needed. Just your own two hands and a pair of pliers.


In total I used 45 Small Mushrooms (7 packs at $1.25 each). If you can’t find the the exact mushrooms at the dollar store I think these mushrooms would be SO CUTE. These too! Same goes for the garland. If you can’t source that at your local Dollar Tree feel free to just use wooden beads for the same effect.


  1. Take your screw eye hooks and twist them into the top of all the mushrooms that you plan on using for your garland. The most success I found with this was starting the eye off with my fingers and then about halfway through, switching to pliers. You are going to want to do this slowly to avoid breaking the screw eye. I had a couple snap off in the process and then just added another right next to it. Not noticeable at all on the actual garland.

2. Remove the beads from the dollar tree garland and place them in a bowl. You will be using these beads in between the mushrooms to help space them out.

3. Cut the cotton cord 1 ft longer than the length of the garland that you want. We are going to use the extra length to tie a loop on either end.

4. Taking one end of your cotton cord tie an overhand loop knot to create a loop for hanging.

5. Start off your garland off by added 5 beads. Then add one mushroom, another three beads, a mushroom, and so on in whatever pattern you want to do. I opted to do – Pointy Mushroom, 3 beads, Mushroom, 3 Beads, Mushroom, 3 Beads, Mushroom, 3 beads, Pointy Mushroom, 3 beads, Mushroom… etc.

6. Once your garland has reached the desired length tie another overland loop and you are done. You have made your very own DIY Dollar Tree Mushroom Garland, conrgats!

I hope you like this DIY! If you aren’t into mushrooms check out my wooden vase DIY from last fall to get those crafty juices flowing.

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