March 9, 2021

DIY Floral Fiber Art

Create your own DIY Floral fiber art in three easy steps. This is a simple project that only requires a few supplies and scissors. Could be made in an afternoon. I love the texture that it adds, it feels very dimensional. It’s the perfect DIY for spring!


— Scissors
— Frame

— Wool Roving (how much you need depends on how large you frame is, I used and 8×8 frame and used about 4oz)

— Misc Fibers & dried forals


1. Open up frame and place on table.
2. Start placing florals and fibers in a pattern that you like.
3. Once you have the design set, cut pieces of wood roving that are the same width as your frame. Separate the fibers in the wool roving slightly and then lay them on top of your florals/fibers to lock them in place. You are going to want to be really careful when you do this so you don’t bump anything.
4. After the wool roving has been place, reattach the back of the frame and close it!
5. Turn over art and enjoy.

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