January 15, 2021

DIY Pedestal Bowl – Dollar Store Edition

I love how this DIY pedestal bowl turned out. I was challenged this week to do a DIY with materials from the dollar store! We had a budget of $20. It was fun to stretch myself to see what I could come up with just browsing around. Walking around and interacting with items to see how they come together in person is something that I enjoy. I went into the store without a clear idea of what to make, but as soon as I saw the terrarium bowl I knew that I loved the shape.

Pedestal bowls are having a moment on decor blogs as of late, so I immediately thought I could use the terrarium bowl to make my own. I searched for something to raise up the bowl and found a votive that had a profile and shape the compliment as a stand. I then used texture spray paint for the first time, and I really liked it! Definitely will be pulling it out for future projects.

When using spray paint it’s important to do multiple light coats. You want to hold the spray paint about 12-18 inches away and swing it back and forth over you project for a nice light even coat. This will help avoid drips.

I am so happy with how it turned out—all for less than $15! Here is how to make your own:


Dollar Tree Terrarium Bowl
Dollar Tree Glass Votive
Rust-Oleum Primer Spray Paint
Rust-Oleum Texture Spray Paint – Caribbean Sand
Hot Glue or E6000 adhesive (a hot glue gun is my top rec for any DIYer)


Remove stickers on bottom of bowl and votive
Turn votive upside down, and glue bottom of bowl to the bottom of the votive.
Let the glue cure (Hot glue 10-15 mins, E6000 24 hours)
Spray paint with with primer, let set (primer 24 hours, spray paint 24 hours)
Spray paint with Texture spray paint, let set

Now that you have a hot glue gun, be sure to check out my wooden vase tutorial here. It’s another simple DIY with a BIG impact.

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