April 13, 2021

DIY Polymer Clay Bowl

This DIY polymer clay bowl is a super simple decor addition to any home. You literally only need one supply, polymer clay! I love how versatile this is as a craft supply. So many different ways to use it.

The most important part of this project will be taking the time to condition and roll out your clay. It can be quite hard to work with initially, but the more you work with it the softer it gets. I used Sculpy clay for this project and I offer you a word of caution. NEVER USE SCULPY III CLAY. This clay is inferior to others and will break. You want to use Sculpy Premo or Souffle, these are the best for this type of project. Much more durable and easier to work with. I can’t speak to other brands of clay besides Sculpy so use at your own discrention. I have linked some Sculpy shopping options below.


Oven Safe Vessel to use as a mold (I used the medium bowl from this Pyrex set)

Parchment Paper 

Polymer Clay (Use Sculpy Premo or Souffle)


Polymer Clay Bowl Directions:

1. Condition the clay, it will be tough to begin with. You will need to work with it for it to become soft. Once soft, roll out the clay into skinny snake lip lengths

2. Overlay skinny clay into a basket weave pattern. The classic over under over under.

3. Place over over safe bowl covered in parchment paper so that the clay doesn’t stick

4. Bake at 275 F for 45 mins on a cookie sheet

5. Let cool and remove from bowl

Huge thank you to Frau Nilsson for the incredible inspiration for this project.

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