May 02, 2022

Encanto Birthday Party – Decor, Activities, Food and More!

Our Encanto birthday party was fantastical and magical! The best part was that my son actually got what was going on. The week before the party (he was turning three) he kept saying, “No Mom’s birthday, no Dad’s birthday, my birthday” and it was just about the cutest thing ever.

After finding every single Encanto party birthday item on the internet (or at least that is what it felt like, your girl is thorough), here is what we ended up doing for ours! It was a lovely party with just the right amount of unstructured play married with activities for both the kiddies and something fun for the adults. Let’s start with the real MVP, the decor.

I got the hair-brained idea that we should build our own casita from Encanto for the party. I saved a bunch of cardboard and 4 days before the party got to work transforming everything! My sisters truly helped me so much on this project. We started by drawing a simplified sketch and then found cardboard pieces to match. We cut and painted the cardboard pieces. Added faux flowers that we found at Walmart and it really came to life!

Photo by Jovanna De La Peña Joyner

It’s not a literal replica by any means, but if for sure gets the vibe across! The functional opening door was a late addition but made it all the more special. My son kept calling it “Abbott’s Encanto”… PRECIOUS.

I compiled all of the videos outlining how we put it together here so you can watch them in sequence if you are wanting to do something similar!

In addition to the Encanto I ordered this amazing balloon garland from CherCanDoIt. I ordered the 20ft garland and when I say there were so many balloons, THERE WERE SO MANY BALLOONS. It comes with a hand pump that works great for the foil balloons but in my opinion you have got to have a balloon pump for a longer garland like this. I don’t think our lungs would have survived otherwise. I ordered this one off of amazon and it was great.

Photo by Jovanna De La Peña Joyner

The other decor we had was simple: these cute butterflies and this floral garland. They were the perfect accent to our two larger statement pieces. Oh! And fresh flowers, always. My father in law did a Trader Joes flower run right before the party and he did good.

Since the kiddos for this party were a little younger, I kept it light on the activity front. Upon arrival I put out this Encanto Play Dough Kit and the kiddos loved it. They played with it while everyone was arriving and had a great time. I have now ordered multiple things from this shop and everything has been top notch.

– Make Your Own Mirabel Glasses
We used pipe cleaners to make our own glasses! They were a little finicky but the idea was fun. We just order pipe cleaners in a bunch of different colors and has people make two circles and then connect them.

– Encanto Dance Party
This was so easy and fun! We turned on the soundtrack and jammed out. The kids LOVED it.

– Pin the Rat on Bruno
This was fun for the kids and the adults! I printed off this $5 printable from etsy and laminated it using these lamination sheets.

Photo by Jovanna De La Peña Joyner

– Color your Own Encanto
I ordered this cardboard house off of Amazon with the idea that the kids could color their own Encanto. Ultimately we didn’t end up coloring it because the kids were having such a good time just playing in it, that said it was a hit!

– Trivia Game (Adult Activity)
We had a lot of adults in attendance (we are some of the only people in our friend group with a kid!) so we thought it would be fun to have a little activity for them. We pulled together a trivia game with questions all about our son. The Bonus question was “Name as many Cars from the Disney Cars universe as you can!” and then gave gift cards as prizes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. It was a lot of fun and a great way to break up the party and start conversations.

Photo by Jovanna De La Peña Joyner

We ordered a beautiful cake made to look like Mirabel’s outfit and a host of parties and buñuelos from a local Colombian restaurant. They were the stars of the show.

Photo by Jovanna De La Peña Joyner

We also served a bunch of other snack foods named after the characters. We ordered these cards off of etsy and they worked perfect:
– Antonio’s animal crackers
– Isabella’s grapes on the wine
– Pepa’s sunshine (clementines)
– Julieta’s buñuelos
– Bruno’s sand cookies (aka snickerdoodles)

For dinner we catered a burrito box from Chipotle, while not totally culturally right, it got the job done and was better than pizza. For paper products I raided the party isle at Walmart and picked vibrant colors that matched with our balloon garland!

Michael and I both had Encanto t-shirts for the party. We ordered a matching toddler one for Abbott and of course he wanted to match his dad for the party. It was easy, comfy and on theme. Plus he’s a growing kid that needs clothes, so he can continue to wear them into summer!

Photo by Jovanna De La Peña Joyner

We had such a fun and memorable party. I really hope my son can look back at the pictures and know how much we love him and how special he is to us. Such fun memories for me as well, being a mom is the best. Let me know if you have any other questions about the party that I can help with!

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