March 29, 2022

Encanto Birthday Party Ideas

Need some Encanto Birthday Party Ideas? It’s time to talk about Bruno!

This is the first year my son grasps the concept of gifts and birthdays and it has been so adorable to see him get into it. Earlier this month I suggested we do an Encanto Party and he got so excited! We have been watching the movie nearly once a day all year. He walks around our house collecting his donkeys and telling us that he is “strong like Luisa”. It’s too much ❤️.

So, we are going for it and I’m THRILLED. A colorful Encanto party? Sign me up. I immediately dove into party planning mode and started scouting the best Encanto-esque supplies on Etsy and Amazon because what they have at Party City is.. lackluster.

If your little one loves Encanto like we do at our house, I’ve compiled an unofficial comprehensive guide for planning a magical Encanto birthday for the whole Madrigal family!
Encanto themed birthday party ideas including clothes, games, and food

Encanto Invitations

Of course things start with a themed invitation! You can make your own on canva or there are a plenty of affordable and customizable templates available for purchase on Etsy.

Here are Encanto Birthday Party Invite options from Etsy I think are cute enough to pay for:
Encanto birthday invitation ideas

1 / 2 / 3

Encanto Decorations

Balloons make such an affordable way create a fun and colorful vibe. To take it an extra step, arch kits save your sanity and make an instant photo op. I ordered this one for our party. I love that you can customize it with your child’s name:

An Encanto birthday balloon arch
Encanto Balloons w/ Customizable Name

Here are few other balloon arch kits that could create your own magic Casita:

More colorful balloon arch ideas
1 / 23 / 4 / 5

Since butterflies are woven throughout Encanto, a butterfly garland is a beautiful way to set the theme and with the vibrant color story of Encanto, any of these options would help transform your space! And of course, don’t forget to add a few flame-free candles to (safely) drive the vibe home. Shop here:

I am also planning to build an Encanto out of cardboard and paint, wish me luck. Update: I did it, check out the whole post here!

Encanto Games

Have your guests make their own Encanto! You could do this with a cardboard box (aren’t we all drowning in those these days?) or you can order something like this plain white coloring house. Give the kids markers and let them go wild. You could even provide cute flowers stickers for the kiddos to stick on!

For a classic party game, grab this printable Pin the Rat on Bruno or Pin the Donkey on Luisa. Fun for range of ages and a great price point.

There is also Encanto Bingo! This etsy shop provides a PDF printable file for all of the bingo cards, click print and you are good to go.

And for back up, a few coloring pages.

Encanto coloring books and other craft ideas
Shop here:

Other fun party game ideas

Have the kids make their own flower garden just like Isabella. If the kids are older, try a candle making station. Create an Encanto sensory bin full of small animals, flameless candles, and flowers.

Encanto Party Food

To really get on theme, serve a range of traditional Colombian food like the buñuelos Mirabel’s mom makes in the movie. Here is a recipe (straight from Disney!) for the delicious cheese-based donuts that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Here is another recipe from delish delights to try. You can also search for a local Columbian restaurant and support them (and give yourself time for other party prep!).

For the kids, you can also prepare this clever “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” cupcake recipe.

Other Fun Encanto Food Inspiration

  • Antonio’s Animal Crackers
  • Isabella’s Grapes that Thrive on the vine
  • Luisa’s Power Up Protein Balls (I love this protein ball recipe!)
  • Pepa’s Sunshine (clementine’s) and Clouds (cheese puffs or marshmallows)
  • Bruno’s sand tart cookies

Don’t forget the coffee and espresso for the parents! La Colombe Draft Latte’s would be a very fitting option (and easy to serve!).

For party plates and napkins I think these are beautiful options that are still festive but will elevate the party look. Shop here:

Encanto Cake Inspo

Cake is a great way to interpret a fun party theme, add to the decor, and delight both kids and guests. This photo on instagram BLEW MY MIND. I don’t know if i’ll have the budget for something exactly like this – but definitely using it as inspo! We will probably be going the Costco cake route and adding these fun Encanto figurines on top.

Encanto Party Wear

Not everyone does this, but I like to get the entire family in on the party theme. There are so many amazing small shops on Etsy that offer custom t-shirts. We are going the mommy and me… and also the daddy and me route. Does this mean I bought both Michael and I different t-shirts and one for our son to match? Yes it does. Big question is: who will he want to match on his big day?

These are the two shirt options that I went with ordering Bienvenidos Shirt & Encanto Character Shirt:
Some encanto themed clothing
But there are so many great ones. Here are a few more that I was considering and you could even go one step further and grab a costume for your little one! Shop here:

Encanto Themed Gifts:
Encanto toys have been selling out like crazy, but if your child is obsessed like mine is, consider these sensory play toys, I have purchased a bunch of items from this store and they are LOVELY and the perfect gift.

Birthday toy ideas

These two character kits go in an out of stock, but we have both and they are great options.

By now you can probably tell that this party is going to be just as much fun for me as it is for my 3 year old. Planning a party is one of the joys of parenthood. Update: You can see my post on how we pulled off our own Encanto party here. And be sure to tag @perkinsonparkway if you end up using some of these Encanto birthday party ideas. I’d love to see how you interpret the theme!

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