November 12, 2020

Gift Guide: For the DIY-er

The 2020 holiday season is here! If you have been following along on IG, you know that I’ve already pulled out the Christmas decor and I have my Christmas jammies ON. Last Christmas, my home was a construction zone (yay for project delays…and more delays) so this year I’m ready to fully embrace all things jolly. In that spirit, I’ll be sharing gift guides throughout November — starting today!

A quick note, I love giving gifts. It is a rush to discover the perfect Etsy find for a friend, or send a unique tool to support a sibling’s new hobby. With 2020 being how it is, I’m ready to GIFT ALL THE THINGS, but I know not everyone feels that way. I hope you know I share with good intent only. Please never feel pressured to spend money or be “influenced”. We are all in different places, especially this year.

If gift-giving warms your scrooge heart let’s dive in! Today I’m highlighting gifts for the DIYer. These are things I have loved using this year, or gifts I’m hoping to find under my tree on Christmas morning.

    1. Glue Gun, Amazon
    2. Upgraded Safety Glasses, Amazon
    3. Milwaukee Drill, Home Depot
    4. Craftsman 20V 18 gauge Brad Nailer, Lowe’s
    5. Airpods
    6. Spotify Gift Card
    7. Self Healing Cutting Mat, Amazon
    8. Rotary Cutter, Amazon

1. At a friendly price point, a glue gun is a great gift! Mine has seen so much use this year. Sometimes pulling out the power tools or a sewing machine seems like too much, and a glue gun gives me just what I need to create custom decor for my home. I used a glue gun for my Wooden Vase DIY, DIY Wall Hanging, and Rope Vase DIY (blog tutorial coming soon!).

2. For a fun stocking stuffer or gift exchange, these safety glasses are an upgrade from the ordinary. This is the type of gift that people don’t think to buy themselves, but are excited to use. Also, if the DIYer you know is using more power tools than before (like me!) they will need to improve their safety game!

3. 2020 is the year I started using power tools, and I wish I had started sooner. Tools open up a whole new world of projects. By gifting a Milwaukee drill you can be confident it will manage everything from DIY furniture to drywall.

4. If you already have a drill, consider gifting a brad nailer. New baseboards, fluted walls, or any wall treatment — a brad nailer can do wonders to elevate a builder-grade room. Remember the Montessori kid’s nook? Brad nailer!

5. DIY means a lot of time planning, prepping, sanding, sewing, undoing, redoing. I love having a podcast or album going while I work. My AirPods have been so critical! I would love to say they aren’t amazing…but they are. If you know someone that hasn’t taken the leap, this is a great gift.

6. With all my listening, I’ve been considering Spotify Premium. Have you made the switch? Podcasts are so easy to navigate on the app, ANNND you can listen to Penny & Dime ad-free (shameless plug!). A Spotify gift card would be a fun find on Christmas morning!

7-8. A critical tool for any DIYer is a healing rubber mat and rotary cutter. These come in handy for all types of projects — leatherwork, sewing, card making, drafting — the real question is how has any DIYer been getting by without one? Could be a great time to remedy that!

So what have I missed? If you love DIY, what is something you use all the time? I’ll try to keep reader submissions compiled here!

Next week I’ll be back with gift ideas for the new homeowner.

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means the vendor passes along a 1-4% commission at no cost to you. By shopping from this blog you support future creative content on Perkins on Parkway– thank you!

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