November 24, 2020

Gift Guide: For The New Home Owner

I had so much fun showing you the products I love (and want!) in my Gift Guide for the DIYer last week. Next up: ideas for anyone in your life that is in a new home — first college apartment, a condo downtown, or a new home with a yard and everything. Whether they are renting or buying, so many major life milestones revolve around moving, and it is so thoughtful to send gifts that acknowledge that. This gift guide could be great for Christmas, but I think many of these items could be great as housewarming gifts throughout the year.

  1. Limestone Knot, Studio Mcgee – Target
  2. Salt & Pepper Grinder, Lulu and Georgia
  3. Tissue Box Cover, graf lantz
  4. Cast Iron Skillet, Lodge
  5. Watering Can, Peace & Riot (also available from Burke Decor)
  6. Glass Spray Bottles & Carpet Cleaner, Amazon
  7. Potted Plant, The Sill
  8. French Butter Keeper, Etsy, Etsy, or Amazon
  9. Catch All Bowl, Etsy, Etsy, or Etsy 

1.Ok, I know it is bold to give someone a home decor item, but I say go for it! Enough with the gift cards! (But Mom– I do love gift cards). I have loved this Limestone Knot in my home, which I picked up when Studio Mcgee launched their Target line. It’s currently sold out online but I have heard you might be able to track it down in store. You can find similar items here,here, or here. My advice: only give a decor item if you have a pretty good feel for their design aesthetic, and send the gift receipt!  You could also consider art! Juniper Print Shop has so many wonderful options. You’ll recognize this one, this one, and this set in my feed!

2. I have been admiring this set of Salt & Pepper Grinders for a long time. My mother in law has them! Menu is a Scandinavian design firm, and they make so many beautiful things. Admittedly, these are a splurge, but they come in several color variations and would look gorgeous on the counter. Right now you can snag them for 25% off with the code “Thankful”.

3. To gift a little hygge, consider a felt box Tissue Box Cover. Clean lines and natural materials can again turn an everyday item into an integrated decor piece. I’m tempted to try making a few of these myself. DIY project maybe?

4. Ok, so I’m not the cook in our family, Michael takes care of that and does it VERY well. But I’ve heard from reliable sources you can’t go wrong with a Cast Iron Skillet. Michael has three different sizes! They are universally loved, last forever, and just get better with time.

5. I recently discovered Peace & Riot, a black-owned business in Brooklyn, NY. This Watering Can is beautiful, but they have a full range of interesting gifts on their site, including these cheeky prayer candles. Warning — they might get you uninvited to Grandma’s Christmas party.

6. If you are leaning towards practical gifts, this carpet cleaner is fantastic. During our year-long+ reno, we lived exclusively upstairs in our carpeted guest bedroom. This came in handy all too often as we ate dinner on a futon couch. (Have I mentioned HOW GLAD I AM that we have a kitchen!). You could dress this gift up with a few nice glass spray bottles. Maybe cleaning is more fun when it looks pretty? Other practical gifts/stocking stuffers could be blue painter’s tape, 3M strips, or a handy magnetic doorstop to keep the door open while hauling in groceries!

7. Like nearly every gift opportunity, you can’t go wrong with flowers or a potted plant. Trader Joes or your local greenhouse will likely have great options, or The Sill can ship one for you. If the recipient has a hard time keeping things green, be sure to go with an easier variety like a Christmas Cactus, succulents, or a Spider plant.

8. I’ve been wanting to gift a French Butter Keeper because they are just so clever! You fill one side with butter and the other with WATER, and when you nest the pieces together it creates a seal to keep butter fresh and soft. There are gorgeous pottery versions on Etsy, (here too), and you can always find a crisp white version at bigger retailers.

9. You can never have too many pretty things to put rings or keys or whatever you want in. I have these scattered all over my home and would gladly add more. I found some great options on Etsy (shop small! Etsy, Etsy, or Etsy or you can grab one at target!

Bonus item: I know EVERYONE talks about them, but my Dyson Stick Vacuum> makes me SO HAPPY. I feel like Santa needs to bring us all a $500 vacuum so we start to clean up the mess that is 2020. It’s on sale right now for $300… I bought mine last year during black friday and it was my favorite purchase hands down.

Hopefully, something on this list sparked your interest or gave you an idea for something else. Like I said, moving is so stressful–a thoughtful gift can mean so much. I’d love to hear of any housewarming gifts you have received that you loved!

Next week: The Homebody Gift Guide (AKA all of us right now…)

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