December 17, 2020

Gift Wrapping Ideas Two Ways

Two different gift wrapping ideas one with a calendar and one with fabric

Gift wrapping ideas for this holiday season with a unique eco spin. In an effort to be more environmentally friends I was taking stock of items I had around my home to use for Christmas wrapping this season and I am totally in love with how it turned out.

My Stendig calendar fit the bill perfectly. I love  look of the reused Stendig calendar wrapping under the tree. It is blog and graphic! Plus a great way to put something that is so large to use. Seriously — I wrapped so many presents with this and still had extra. For the fabric wrapped presents (furoshiki wrapping) I use some leftover fabric from a different project. Then decided to add some acrylic paint and used pampas grass as an accent. The modern shapes on the fabric are a nice mix of hard and soft.

Can’t wait for my family to open these on Christmas morning. There is something so nostalgic about Christmas wrapping. I love the preparation. The crisply folded clean lines. Seeing the gifts stack and pile under the tree. Even the lovely wrapping strewn about the living room after all the gifts have been opened. It is one of my favorite things to prep and do for the holiday season.

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