April 29, 2015

Hamilton Pool Presevre

Last week we had some friends in town and there is nothing they love more than the great outdoors. I saw the Hamilton Pool Preserve on a Buzzfeed article believe it or not and decided we should take a day trip down there to check it out. We left early on Saturday morning around 9. We made a couple of stops, ate some lunch, and ended up arriving around 2pm. We were nervous because the preserve only has the capacity for 75 cars at one time, so sometimes when the line is super long they just start turning people away. We were lucky, they didn’t turn us away, and only had to wait in line for about 25 minutes before a spot opened up.

I wouldn’t say that Michael and I are outdoorsy at all. We are most comfortable at home on our couch, but getting out in the world and seeing things like this motivates me to spend more time outside exploring. We spent three glorious hours swimming in the sun, floating under the water falls and hiking around. It was such a beautiful place and it is crazy to think that places like this just exist in nature. Mother Nature is rad you guys! My favorite part was the way that the light reflected off of the water up onto the ceiling of the cliff (canyon???).  Gorgeous.
More photos after the break!

And we are nerds. Thank you iPhone for being the best camera in the world that fits in my pocket.

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