December 06, 2023

How to make a wooden Christmas garland

When I walked into the Dollar Tree and saw these wooden trees and snowmen I knew I had to make something with them! A festive winter wooden Christmas garland immediately came to mind. Last year during the fall I made a mushroom wooden bead garland and it turned so cute. I love incorporating wood decorations into my holiday decor and bringing more nature inside. I’m very inspired by Scandinavian design and they love their wood elements. My garland consisted of all trees while my mom decided to create a snowman version, both turned out so cute! This DIY is super beginner friendly, can easily be done in an afternoon or evening.

A fireplace is decorated with pine boughs and a garland made with wooden trees

Supplies needed:

Wooden snowmen and wooden Christmas trees
A closeup of the wooden garland hanging on the fireplace mantle

Create your own wooden Christmas Garland:

Decide how long you want your garland to be

  • Cut a piece of cord that length plus 2 additional feet. You will use this extra at the end to tie loops in order to hang the garland.

Lay out and plan your design

  • For my design I used 5 beads in-between each tree with a variation of sizing, but you can make up your own pattern. I like to lay everything out before I start to get an idea of how it is going to look at the end.

Drill a hole

  • Take all of the wooden trees and snowman that you need for your garland drill a small pilot hole. I used a 1/16 size bit and just when barely below the surface.
A hand is drilling a small pilot hole into one of the wooden trees
The small pilot hole in the wooden tree is pictured

Screw the Hooks In

  • Take your screw eye hooks and twist them into the top of all the trees or snowman. The most success I found with this was starting with the eye hooks in the pliers and then moving the tree in a circular motion to attach. You are going to want to do this slowly to avoid breaking the screw eye. I had a couple snap off in the process and then just added another right next to it, which is not noticeable at all on the actual garland.
Screw eye hooks are placed inside the top of the wooden trees and snowmen

Gather all of the needed beads to create your garland.

  • I kept mine in a bowl to keep them from rolling everywhere.

Tie a loop knot.

  • Take one end of your cotton cord and tie an overhand loop knot to create a loop for hanging.
The cotton cord at the end of the garland is tied in an overhand loop

Start your garland by adding 1 tree or snowman.

  • To recreate my design you will use one 8mm bead, one 12 mm bead, one 20 mm bead, one 12 mm bead, one 8 mm bed in-between each tree or snowman.
A hand holds out the wooden garland
A closeup of the wooden Christmas garland made of wooden trees and beads


  • Once your garland has reached the desired length, tie another overland loop and you are done. You have made your very own DIY Wooden Christmas Garland, congrats!

If you want to see a video on this project… watch the reel here!

I hope you like this DIY! If you aren’t into mushrooms check out my wooden vase DIY that has gone viral many times over.

Another closeup of the wooden garland hanging above the mantle

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