January 24, 2024

How to Make Candles with Bows DIY

Bow Candle DIY how to make diy candles with wax bows

Bows and candles are BOTH trending like crazy but I have mostly seen people adding ribbon to candlesticks… which seems like a hazard in my opinion! I wanted to tackle this trend using all wax, that way it would be totally safe to light and let it burn. Introducing my take on how to make candles with bows! I would say this is perfect for upcoming Valentine’s day, but you could easily make this in any color scheme and use it all year long for a romantic look. Get yourself some of that bow aesthetic.

Three candles with bows in pink, red, and white

Overall I would say this is a fairly simple and easy diy, which is perfect for beginners and advanced makers alike. The great thing about this is that the barrier to entry is low, you only need taper candles, wax sheets, and XACTO knife to get starter. Below I will walk you through the steps and supplies to recreate this candle with bows all on your own for a fraction of the cost of what others are selling them for (cuter too!). The best part about this DIY is that the bows are made COMPLETELY from wax and therefore safe to melt! 

Closeup of a white taper candle with red and pink wax bows



You can watch the step by step YouTube video HERE or follow along below for written directions.

Using an xacto knife to cut a strip of wax

Step 1:

Cut a thin strip (about an 1/8th of an inch) from the wax sheet. I used a book edge to get a perfectly straight line, but you could use a ruler or anything around the house.

A few completed wax bows are pictured along with a ruler to measure strips for new bows

Step 2:

Take your skinny strip and cut a 3 inch piece and two 1 inch pieces. You will have 4 pieces total, with a longer piece left over.

A ruler shows some 1-inch pieces of wax strips for the bows

Step 3:

Take the 3 inch piece of wax and fold both of the ends in together, once the edges meet, pinch the wax together creating a loop on either sides of your fingers. This will be the main form of the bow. I used a chopstick to make the loop hold its shape and prevent it from going flat.

A hand holds two sections of wax strips curved into the shape of a bow
A hand holds two wax strips curved into a bow shape
A hand pulls the bow loops through a wooden dowel or chopstick to maintain the loop's shape

Step 4:

Take the long strip you have and wrap it around one starting on the wax seam, you will have a long tail that needs to be trimmed down, but you will want to leave enough to create a pocket for the bow tails.

A hand holds the two bow loops with a longer strip of wax wrapped around the middle
A hand holds the two bow loops with a longer strip of wax wrapped around the middle

Step 5:

Take the two one inch pieces and trim one end at a diagonal to mirror ribbon. Then take the untrimmed edge and pinch them together creating a V shape. The warmth of your hand should be enough to soften up the wax and have it stick together.

A hand holds the two ends of wax together so they look like ribbon ends

Step 6:

Insert the v shape in the pocket you have created and fold down the tail to finish off the bow.

A hand holds the two ends of wax to look like ribbon ends pressed against the ribbon loops, completing the bow shape

The final bow should look like this.

A hand shows the completed candle with bows DIY
A hand holds five wax bows in pink and red colors

To attach the bow to the candle taper, light a match, hold it to the candle taper quickly, then press the bow into place. Hold until the wax hardens and the bow is secure. You can do multiple bows on one taper, or one bow, the possibilities are endless!

Three tapered candles are lit up with red and pink wax bows stuck to them

Let me know if you have any questions. If you would like to try out some other DIYs make sure to check out my DIY Footed Pedestal or DIY Candle Holder.

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