September 02, 2020

Main Bathroom Makeover – Before & After // Plus how much it cost

This is one of my favorite places in the entire house now that the renovation is finally over. It was no easy feat. We probably made all of the most expensive choices when it comes to doing a renovation, moving walls, moving plumbing, custom cabinetry, but it was so worth it. I am going to break down the costs for everything that we have feature in the bathroom as well as link all the products that we used.

But first, let’s take a look at the before pictures and relish in their glory. The thing we initially really liked about this bathroom was the symmetry. The tub under the window flanked by the his and her vanity, the his and her closets… but ultimately it made the shower really small. The closets were odd sizes, and the toilet felt oddly exposed. The room was really quite large, but all of the space in the middle was being wasted.

This lead us through a couple of different design iterations… and ultimately we landed on something perfect for us. We ripped out the closets and landed on placing a wall down the center of the room, give us one large closet and uses all of the open space in the middle of the bath. Normally getting rid of a his/her closet and vanity is now what I would recommend, but it wasn’t done well here anyway.

Then I moved into the planning phase and spent a lot of time comping things up in photoshop. Initially it was hard to figure out where to start. What is the main item you build the whole bathroom around? Ultimately I landed on a full wall of tile and a wood vanity. For me wandering the aisles and seeing things in person really got the creativity flowing. Something about the tactile experience verses online. I landed on a giant wooden vanity and a full wall of tile being the focal point for the whole bathroom.

Here is what our beautiful Bathroom looks like today. I am in love. Seriously, I think this is my favorite place in the house. Maybe more than the kitchen. I love how we carried the black beams in here. The wooden vanity is HUGE (plenty space for both of us) and the countertops are so pretty.

Now let’s talk about money.

BUDGET: This is not an HGTV budget. This was an expensive bathroom so let’s all level set our expectations together. You are probably going to read this and think one of two things. Either one “That is SO EXPENSIVE” or two “I can’t believe she paid that for that!”. What I am trying to do here is be real with y’all. We went through a super traumatic renovation where everything that could’ve gone wrong did. At the end it was kind of like “I don’t care (I do) what it costs just please get it done” so before you cast judgement, how about saying something like “How cool to get a realistic price point on a bathroom from a normal person doing a remodel without a designer.”

I am going to break this into two categories, materials and labor. Our labor is going to be high because we had a huge issue with a plumber (he had to be fired and it all had to be redone) and then we had a big issue with our contractor (who also has to be fired and replaced) so it’s going to be higher that average. But materials! This is where my Type A personality really excels because I documented EVERYTHING. Also, for ease I am going to round everything to the nearest dollar. And these all included taxes so prices will vary when you click on the link.

Please note that all of these prices vary greatly based on supply and demand, so the prices I paid a year ago will probably be different today. I paid for all of the items in my bathroom with my own money but note that many of the links below are affiliate links. Thanks for helping support Perkins on Parkway and more content like this! Okay, whew, let’s go.

Materials Total: $16,996

Maple Vanity – Custom (similar linked) – $1750 – This was custom made by a local cabinet maker. Because it is 9ft long nothing prefab was going to work for us. We wanted solid maple, soft closing doors, the works. We paid him to build and the our contractor finished on site. Which was easy since we just wanted a clear coat. I was adamant about wanting integrated pulls, it took some convincing the cabinet maker, but ultimately he got on board and made it happen.

Vanity Back Splash Tile – Villa Artisan Frost Ceramic Tile – $528 – This is from Floor and Decor. Actually, all of our tile from the bathroom was from there! Such an affordable option. A few similar options:


Vanity Lights – Custom Design (similar linked) – $400 – Illuminate Vintage is seriously my favorite lighting company. They are so responsive and so happy to help with anything. They didn’t actually have this design on their site, but I asked if they could do a mock up for me. And here we are! They turned out so good.

Vanity Mirrors (x2) – Yaquina Rounded Rectangle Pivot Mirror – $800 – These are from Rejuvenation… expensive but worth it. Make sure you wait for a sale! They are seriously so pretty and I feel like they make the space. The pivot off of the wall just elevated everything. Here are some other black mirrors that I am loving/considered:


Counter tops (and tub surround and shower surround/seat) – Silestone Calcutta Gold from Home Depot – $5000 – We ended up purchasing our countertops from Home Depot because I fell in love with the light veining in the Calcutta Gold Silestone Quartz. It was about $67 a square foot. We ended up using this on the tub surround and the shower surround and it was so worth the extra cost. It is so easy to clean and I feel like it just elevates everything. My 1st contractor (rolls eyes) didn’t have a great stone guy so it was really hard for me to price unless it was a big box store. One of my favorite details in the bathroom is the waterfall edge and how it extends into the windowsill. It seamless and so easy to clean.

Sink Faucet (x2) – Moen Align Bathroom Faucet – $602 – I just really like Moen. Their customer services is seriously the best. I had a faucet piece go missing (they will) and dropped something and it chipped. I reached out to customer service and they sent me replacement parts no freaking questions asks. Love you Moen!

Sinks (x2) – Kholer Veticyl Sink – $283 – These were more expensive then some of the other sinks I saw but the heart wants what the heart wants. I read some reviews that said they had a tough time draining because of the center drain but I haven’t had any issues.

Shower Handle and Valve – Shower handle / Valve (this is a plumbing part)- $298 – The Moen Matte Black align series continued! I used this throughout the bathroom because I really liked the finish. I feel like it has held up really well.

Shower Rail – Annex Rail Slide Shower Bar – $652 – This works super well and I love having the option of the handheld shower. Especially with the rain shower head, helps get my hair clean!

Shower head and handheld attachment – Moen Rain Shower Head // Moen Hand Held Shower – $267 – Realizing now how much we spend on shower items is making me laugh (. If I had purchased everything we once I probably would’ve tried to find something different. But when you buy it all separately!

Shower Wall Tile – Vintage Verde Ceramic Tile – $50 – Large teal tiles are from Floor and Decor. I really like them because they have a beautiful flat finish. We used them in the laundry room first and then pull them into the shower. Glad we did. Nice to have a small pop of color.

Shower Accent Tile – $135 – We got this on clearance and they don’t make it anymore. But there are other great geometric options! My advice when you are picking out tile is to always order a sample before committing. A couple dollars on the front end is worth it to make sure its perfect for your space. Here are some other accent tiles that I like:


Shower Floor Tile – $251 – This is from Home depot. I wouldn’t recommend it so I am not going to link it. I think pebble tiles feels AMAZE on your feet. However, so much grout makes it super hard to clean IMO. Our grout actually started chipping away because the way it was laid doesn’t allow it it dry completely so we are going to have to get it replaced. I am looking at these tile options to replace ours:


Shower Glass – $1800 – Our contractor found the fabricator for this and priced it out for us so I am not really a lot of help in terms of sourcing!

Large white wall tile behind tub – Our’s isn’t sold anymore, but this is similar! – $259 – We put this tile along the back wall. It adds just a little something and allowed us to have a clean line along the entire back wall make the entire space feel bigger.

Dark gray tile – Concept Gray Porcelain Tile – $140 – We ripped this tile down and used it on the tub surround. I felt like the space needed something to ground the eye instead of using white tile here as well. I don’t hate it.

Floor wood-like tile – Birch Forest Gray Wood Plank Porcelain tile – $400 – It’s on sale! I think this is a good option color wise (ours actually reads a little but grayer in person, that could be just our dye lot). I am not sure I would do the wood look tile again. I think it is probably going to feel dated in 5 years. If I were to choose tile again today, I think I would do something like this:


Toilet – Swiss Madison St Tropez –  $283 – This is such a good looking toilet! Looks more modern than most.

Toilet Paper Holder – Moen Align Toilet Paper Holder – $47 – Yes that is expensive to hold your toilet paper, but I liked it okay?

Light Switch – $30 – You can find these anywhere. We needed four switches.

Tub – Link a similar style – $193 – This was the steal. We found it at a local surplus store. It’s acrylic and huge! If you can, get a 36 inch wide tub. Luxury.

Tub Hardware – Homary Waterfall Wall Mounted Tub Faucet – $230 – Their customer service was great. Our contractor lost the handle to the tub so I thought I was going to have to buy a whole new item! They happily sent me out a new handle. I do notice the finish on this wearing faster than our Moen items, but we don’t use the tub all that much and for the price point I don’t think you can beat it.

Pendant Light over tub – Linked similar – $30 (I think…) – Ikea light! I actually bought this for the kitchen a million year ago before we even started renovating and just decided to use it. Eventually I would like to replace it with something else more modern.

Ikea Pax & Boaxel Closet System – $1500 – You have probably seen the pax system used in a ton of different ways. I love how My Simply Simple use the shallower option for her build out. And you have probably seen how amazing this version is my Chris Loves Julia. We did the larger option and did a trim out on the front. We love them.

Bathroom Door – Similar Linked – $195 – These were from a local Texas building supply store. If you can, search for these! They don’t have many reviews and are kind of hard to find, but they will save you so much money compared to the big box stores. This was the price for a solid wood prehung door. Killer.

Door Knob – Schlage Bowery Passage Door Knob – $30 – These are simple but I love them. The clean black just pops so nicely against the white doors. They are feel really solid. I love schlage and they have great customer service as well.

Pocket Closet Door – $114 – Same Texas supply store as all the doors in our house!

Pocket Door Frame – Pocket door frame with hardware – $83 – You need this to make your pocket door slide in and out. The hardware/slider on this one has been great. No issues.

Replacement window – $400 – Double hinged window from Lowe’s which means we can open it from the top down or bottom up. I envisioned opening this up while showering… never done it but maybe someday. hah.

Select blinds – Cellular Blinds in White – $138 – We used these all over our house and love them. We have a ton of windows that go all the way down to grown level so having something that we can open from the top down is super nice.

Paint – $100 – This is a little bit of a guess since we bought in bulk for the whole house. For our paint color we used vintage revivals “Mandy White“. It’s the best white. Not too cool, not too warm.

Styling Sources (not included in budget total):

Here are a couple of items that are similar to what I have used for styling in the bathroom. A lot of what we bought isn’t available anymore but these are similar.


Labor Total: 17k

I want to say that we chose probably the most expensive choices you can make in a remodel. We moved all of the plumbing, redid walls, and tiled basically everything. Our original estimate for the bathroom was: $10,510, but we ended up spending was roughly double because we had to fire a plumber, get a new one, and then fire a contractor and get a new one. THAT WAS FUN.

Total Labor and Materials – 34k (ish)

How we paid for it:

We did a combination of financing and cash. We took out a HUD 203k loan. We bought our house way under market value and what this loan does is essentially let you borrow up to 97% of the homes value AFTER the renovation. We bought our house for $270 and after renovations they said it would be worth $357,000 (its worth more than that now), so they let us borrow up to $346,000, essentially 75k to do the renovation. That wasn’t enough to do our entire house so we did a combination of cash and this loan. We did a complete gut of absolutely everything and spent a lot of money bringing in another contractor after the first one left us int he lurch. This probably deserves whole other blog post, so let me know what questions you have on this process.

What would I do different next time:

You mean besides just telling myself to buy another house that was already done? I kid…

I would change the wood tile floors for sure. I think they are going to be dated soon.  Oh well.

Originally I wanted a floating wood vanity and I think I still would’ve liked that. The cabinet guy we were working with wasn’t too jazzed about that idea and I just didn’t have it in me to source another vendor at that point. I was about to have a baby. Oh yeah did I mention this was all happening while I was MEGA Pregnant? But I also like what we have now and all the drawer storage is nice.

A lot of people have asked me why we didn’t do a more modern freestanding tub, but something super critical for my husband was a shower seat, and extending the tub deck into the shower was the most seamless way I could make it work. There was probably a better way but it worked for us.

If you made it to the end of this, congratulations. You have finished a marathon.

Anymore questions? Let me know or feel free to DM me on instagram.


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