June 06, 2022

Monday Must Have – Aesthetic Candles

Candles are a great way to plus up your space! They are unique, graphic, and totally affordable. Taper candles look great in some candle stick holders and pillar candles are an amazing addition to any bookshelf. I would use these as decor more than light, but if I was throwing a special event these would be center stage in the tablescape.

Here is a round up of 20 candles that are aesthetic, funky, and sure to start a conversation. I picked up number 8 over the weekend and it smell heavenly!

Image shows many different aesthetic taper and pillar candles.

  1. Checkerboard Pillar Candle (comes in multiple colors)
  2. Bubble Pillar Candle
  3. Modern Geometric Pillar Candles (3 different options!)
  4. Abstract S Shapes Candle (Tons of colors available)
  5. Multicolor Taper Candles 
  6. Smiley Face Candle
  7. Spiral Twist Candles
  8. Daisy Glass Candle (The fairy moss scent smells sooooooo good)
  9. Bubble Taper Candle Ombe Set
  10. Paddywax Realm Glass Candle
  11. Ancient City Candle Collection
  12. Winne Floral Taper Candle Set
  13. Daisy Stack Candle
  14. Hot Pink Taper Candle
  15. Daisy Pillar Candle
  16. Zero Waste Taper Candles (love that these are all unique)
  17. Yin-yang Candle Set
  18. Geometric Taper Candles
  19. Green Bubble Taper Candles
  20. Smiley Flower Candle (these just made me smile, for obvious reasons)

If you want to keep shopping, find a cutie basket round up here and a barstool round up here!

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