August 18, 2014

My Stitch Fix personal shopping Experience

The Problem: Recently I have felt very fashion impaired. I am not sure if you have noticed, but the outfit posts around these parts have been very few and far between. I have been struggling with my sense of style. I feel like there is a huge disparity between what I see in my head and what actually hangs in my closest. So thus the style rut. I have been pinning things on Pinterest that I am looking for – mostly neutrals that still look classic and put together – but not sure how to translate that into real life. 

The Solution: Have you heard about Stitch Fix? It is an online personal shopping service. When I first saw one of my friends post this on Facebook I had one of those hallelujah moments. The ones where you think YES THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR. 

The Jist: You pay $20, fill out a Stitch Fix personal style profile, and then on the pre determined date you receive a box of clothes hand picked for you by a Stitch Fix personal stylist. Once you receive your box the $20 can be applied towards any item in your box – so as long as you love at least one thing in your box you aren’t out any money.

The Experience: The packaging and branding was spot on for me ant the box looked super cute upon arrival. The clothes were freshly steamed and all in perfect condition. One of the best parts of the service is that for each item they send you they put together a little style mood board for your so you can, in theory, see how these pieces will fit into your current wardrobe. When I filled out my style profile I mentioned that I needed help with young professional career clothes. I see now how this can be misinterpreted. I work in Advertising which is a VERY casual atmosphere, so I assume that my stylist thought of business causal in the regular sense which I don’t think allowed for a ton of overlap in what I was looking for and what I got. It was a little more girly Anthro-ish, while I feel my style is more Madewell grungish. Check out the pics below for specifics.

Overall: I really like the service and will definitely continue to do it in the future. While I feel like a lot of the items that I got in this box didn’t reflect my personal style (or what I think should be my personal style), I believe that it will continue to get better. I decided to keep one item that I liked so my $20 styling fee didn’t go to waste. I have read a bunch of bloggers experiences where they say that as they continue to get boxes the clothes reflect their style more and more as they give feedback on the clothing items sent.

Pricing: I think the pricing of the clothes is pretty reasonable. Cheaper than Anthro but more expensive than if you were to find the same thing at a T.J. Maxx. You can see the prices of the items sent to me below. I think that if you have a lot of time to shop and enjoy shopping then you might feel that you can find better deals on your own, but as someone that really doesn’t enjoy shopping in store the fact that I can have 5 things that I might LOVE sent straight to my house I am totally willing to pay market value instead of finding a killer sale. But that is just kind of where I am at. To each his own.

Advice: I would say just make your style profile as detailed as possible. Tell them exactly what you are looking for, include a link to a Pinterest board or reference a celebrity style icon to be super thorough. SO if you are interested in Stitch Fix: Sign up here! NOW FOR THE PHOTOS. What you have all really been waiting for anyway… am I right? 

The Box: 
Bay to Baubles Necklace: $32 Verdict: Keeping, I like the gold color and love this length of necklace so it was an easy choice.
Under Skies Ebbe 3/4th Textured Blazer: $78 Verdict: Going Back, felt like it was a little too oversized for my small frame and I already own several cobalt clothing Items. 
41Hawthorn Bell Chevron Textured Tie-neck Blouse: $68 Verdict: Going Back, a little too feminine and girly for my current tastes. 
Kensie Jeans: $88 Verdict: Going Back, fit wasn’t quite right around the mid section, but the length and style was nice.
Under Skies Haizel Paisley Print Shift Dress: $78 Verdict: Going Back, I was pretty torn on this one because I think the fit is super cute, but ultimately decided to send it back because #1) I am trying to lean more into neutrals and basics and #2) I have a lot of cobalt in my wardrobe.
And that’s it! If you give Stitch Fix a try I would love to hear about it. -Harley

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post however, links do contain a referral link of which I may receive Stitch Fix Credit if you sign up. Just want to keep us all honest here! MUAW.

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