January 8, 2024

New Year, New Home Organization Tips

Organize your home with a few new products this new year

Home organization is something I always strive for, and I feel like every couple of months, I say “enough is enough” and deep clean a closet or whatever seems to be a mess. Then I step up a new, systematic approach to that space. Fast forward a few months, or even weeks, and I’m back to a jumbled mess. Sound familiar?

It’s 2024. Enough is enough (for real this time)! If everything has a spot, it’s quick and easy to organize your home!

Organizing doesn’t have to be a big overhaul; truly, a few small adjustments can make a big difference. Here are some products and tricks I am trying to get my home organization under control this new year:

QR Codes for Streamlined Home Organization

Organize your home with QR codes on boxes, totes, or even a freezer

We have all seen QR codes in public over the past couple of years and it’s time to start using them at home too! These handy stickers are great for garages, basements, storage rooms, or even deep freezers. All you have to do is download an app, place a sticker on a box, scan the sticker, then you can add pictures and descriptions to everything in that box in the app! One feature I’m most excited about is the search tool…I often know I bought extra painter’s tape or glue sticks. but can’t remember which storage box it’s in. Now, with this tool, I can look up products in the app and find them easily!

Pegboard in Drawers and Cabinets

Pegboard is a useful tool for almost any area of the home. Although they are most commonly found on the wall, laying them down on the bottom of deep drawers or cabinets can help keep things orderly. You can customize the spaces between pegs to keep your dishes stacked or your lids upright for easy access. I’ve seen so many creative ways to organize kitchenware using pegboard; what would you use it for?

Here are two great options:

Organize your home with pegboards in drawers and cabinets

I like this pegboard and peg system because it offers pegs and a rack, because it really lets you get creative with what you’re storing!

Organize your home with pegboards in drawers and cabinets

This pegboard and pegs are less high-tech but are far more versatile. They can fit in more places than the larger sheets of pegboard!

In my kitchen, I use this pegboard from IKEA and it has been so easy to keep organized!

Organize your home with pegboards in drawers and cabinets

Use Your Door for Home Organization Products

We all know to keep our most used items toward the front for easy access, but what if we take it even further? 

Use hooks to hang up cleaning products on a closet or cabinet door

Using the back of doors as a grab-and-go space can help clear up room in closets or cabinets for other items. For my cleaning supplies closet, I’m thinking about using these hooks on the back of the door for my all-purpose cleaner and glass cleaner, my two most used. 

Hang baskets on the door in your bathroom for toiletries, towels, and other items

This over-the-door organizer has been a game-changer in my son’s bedroom! It helps us organize books and extra toys AND see them so they get used more often!

Hang baskets on the back of the door for more storage space

Make Your Own Drawers

In my house, small bottles like medicine, spices, or art supplies are so hard to keep organized. This cabinet caddy answered all of my prayers to get these mini bottles in line! The two-tier “drawer” eliminates stacking so it’s easy to find whatever you need without making a bigger mess!

Stack Nicely

Clear closet shelf dividers

Closets are such a pain point for me! It’s not necessarily due to lack of space, but just general maintenance and organizational upkeep. These acrylic shelf dividers would be so nice when it comes to sweaters, jeans, or anything that tumbles when you grab something from the bottom. They could be useful for towels, sheets, or anything that gets folded!

On the Go or Stay At Home (Diaper Version)

A gray felt diaper caddy is a great way to keep all your baby's items in one place

If you have children, you know that going anywhere takes some preparation. Using an organized diaper caddy has been a game-changer. Traveling with a caddy and returning it to my son’s room after our trip has simplified our lives greatly! We try to keep it stocked constantly so when it’s time to hit the road, we can grab it and go! It has the Perkins family stamp of approval!

Organize your home by utilizing a grab and go diaper caddy

What is amazing about a new year is the breath of fresh air that comes with it. It’s a full reset, and this year, I’m channeling some of this energy into home organization! If you feel the same, what are some of your organizing goals this year? We’re in this together!

Feeling inspired? Here are some more articles on how to organize your home and storage solutions!

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