November 12, 2016

NYC Travel Video


A couple weeks ago we met Michael’s family in NYC — technically we stayed in NJ with his grandparents but whatever. I am so behind on editing videos and photos it isn’t even funny (remember how I haven’t posted anything about Iceland?? Yeah me too!), but this one rose to the top of my stack because of my cute niece and nephew. More baby time? Yes please. I can’t get over how fast they are growing.

We also got to hang with the best BIL & SIL, but who cares about adults when adorable twins abound? They were champions with two toddler lap riders on an international flight from Denmark. What brave souls. CHAMPIONS I say. Hard to be separated from them by an ocean, but we dream of a future where we all live on the same continent and it is glorious. We had a great time exploring the city. I got to go to Target for the first time with Lisa. Can you image stepping on that scared ground for the first time as an adult? It was moving. NYC was weirdly hot so we didn’t even need jackets. Good by ankle boots and sweater dreams. We were a little sweaty but the sun was shining. Highlights of the trip include eating at outback twice, central park, and old family photo albums.

Here’s the vid! Big shout out to my iPhone, my new camera that also takes video (fancy), and iMovie. God Bless.

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