April 04, 2022

Patio Deck Tile Upgrade

My patio needed some help.

I have been pondering what to do about my patio tile for years now. After it was installed it became dangerous quickly because the tiles popped and started to shatter due to poor installation. Lately I have been covering the tiles with a rug because we didn’t have the money to hire someone to demo/install new.

Fast forward to now, I definitely have the skills to tackle this project myself, however time is scarce. I am in the middle of the Joyner’s office project (which has been delayed twice now due to car accidents… UGH) and about to start a huge project in my upstairs. We were resigned to another summer of making it work out there, but knew that I wanted a more permanent solution to protect the little feet that would be enjoying the pool this summer.

Which brings me to last week while I was browsing the aisles at Costco. I came across a fully stocked spring and patio furniture section. My wheels started TURNING. They had deck tile for 19.99 per 10 sq ft (which now that I have done a little bit of research, is a SCREAMING deal). I picked up one bundle to bring it home to see if I liked it and I did! It made a big impact with relatively little effort and was super simple to install. I headed back to Costco the next day where it was almost sold out! I took a majority of the remaining inventory and left two little bundles behind.

I prepped the patio to install by leveling out a few of the popped tiles and pressure washing the stone so that it would be a clean slate. I started installing the tile in the far left corner so that it would butt up against the house where we came in and our of the door often. This is the most high traffic area. I also took into account the clean edge of the tile knowing I would want that positioned at the edge of this patio area so the clean edge would overlap on the pebble stone. The way these deck tiles work is by snapping together. Two of the edges are clean and the other two edges have prongs where the tile snaps into place.

You start on one side and lay it down like a puzzle repeating the pattern and tile in the same direction for the entire install. There were a couple of places where I made custom cuts using my dremmel saw. This was pretty easy to do because it was made of composite. If you go this route make sure you wear a mask when cutting!

My entire patio is 9ft by 12ft. I ending us using 12 (120 sq ft) packages of tile in order to fill in the small gap that I had on the edge. Initially I wasn’t going to do the gap because it required so many custom cuts and I was feeling a little lazy but I am so glad that I pushed through! It looks so much more custom with those small pieces in place.

For $250 I feel like it made such an impact and is going to make our summer so much more enjoyable. I can imagine pool parties, late nights with friends and so much more. It is amazing how just having a space that is cleaned up and functional makes it that much easier to LIVE and ENJOY life. At the core of it, that is what Perkins On Parkway is all about. Form meeting function so that my family can enjoy our home in the way it is meant to be enjoyed and you can be inspired to do the same. I have rounded up a few more deck tile options that I think would be beautiful! Find them below.

It looks like Ikea carries some pretty affordable deck tile options (I am not sure how durable the material is), and here are a bunch of other ones that I think are super cute! I have also linked mine via amazon, but please look for it at your local costco! It was such a steal there.

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