June 13, 2022

Find the Perfect Modern Pergola for Your Patio

Adding a modern pergola to your patio is the perfect way to elevate your outdoor space. They provide additional shade and shelter from the hot summer heat and can also provide a distinct zone for you to decorate.

I have been working on upgrading my backyard this summer. After removing the shed by our pool (you can watch the deconstruction here) we added a new concrete patio with the intention of adding a pergola over the top. When I started the exploration process all of the contractors quoted expensive pergola options that were very traditional, but I wanted something that looked a little more modern. I went on the hunt for something that would offer the functionality I was looking for as well as the form.

Did you know that you could order a pergola kit that you can set up yourself? Instead of building your own, pergolas kits offer a wide variety and affordable price. This ended up being the perfect solution. A more modern look and a much more affordable price.

Modern pergolas photo collage

This is the pergola that we ended up going with. I love how you can open or close the top, the sleek black framing, and the variety of size options. We went with the black option but I think the white is stunning too. We don’t have it yet but will let you know how installing the pergola kit goes.

These are the top 6 I was considering for my space, with option 1 being the one I purchased!

    1. SORARA Outdoor Louvered Pergola 10′ × 13′ – This is the one I bought! I love that the slats on the roof can open and close. I think the black color will tie in perfectly with my exterior.
    2. Backyard Discovery 12′ x 10′ Windham Modern Steel Pergola – I debating going white or black, I think the white can look so sleek. I really like how this one feels really substantial.
    3. Sunjoy Maverick 10 ft. x 12 ft. Modern Steel Pergola – I really like the fabric element of this pergola, it softens the vibe of the overall structure. Is also super functional in the sense that you can pull it down on either side to follow the sun over the course of the day.
    4. Outsunny 13′ x 10′ Outdoor Louvered Pergola Patio Aluminum Gazebo Canopy This one is sleek! Very minimal aluminum frame.
    5. Novara 10 ft. x 12 ft. Gray Structure Louvered Pergola – This is very similar to the one that I went with, but the post here are thicker giving it a more solid look. I like how the top is split so you could have one side open and one side closed.
    6. Coolaroo 99% UV Block Modern Butterfly Gazebo – This is the most affordable coming in right under $500! This is super modern and will give you plenty of shade.

If I had a little more room, this Pergola with the corner planters is SO FREAKING CUTE.

In the meantime, here are 10 modern pergolas that I thought were super cute! They didn’t quite work for our home but I think the would be stunning in any outdoor space. If you aren’t shopping for outdoor right now you can check out this round up of candles to plus up your space.

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