April 12, 2021

Perkins On Parkway Is Going to Denmark

Big things are happening around here! No, I haven’t finished the studio…and won’t be for a while because we are spending the summer in Denmark! We aren’t moving there, but we will be there for 10 weeks, which feels like a much different trip than a traditional vacation. Clearly it is going to change what content looks like around here for the next little while. I’ve compiled answers to questions that you might have, but if there is anything else that you want to know I am an open book!

Why Denmark?

All of Intern Michael’s Family lives there. He split time between Denmark and the states growing up. We haven’t been back there for almost two years, so we are really excited to have some extended time to spend with family.

Where will you be living?

We will be renting an apartment in a suburb 15 mins outside of Copenhagen. Our family has been helping us get it furnished for our arrival.

How will you get around?

We will be renting a car and bikes.

How will this work with your jobs?

Both of us will be working a swing shift, because Denmark is 7 hours ahead, our work day will start around 6pm and then we will work through the evening. We are excited about the prospect of having the days free to spend with our son.

What about your house?

We have a house sitter that will be living in the home while we are away making sure that things are okay.

How does international travel work with COVID?

Denmark is still closed to external travelers. The reason we can visit is because Michael is a Danish citizen. We are both fully vaccinated and will get COVID tests the day before we leave to ensure that we test negative for the virus. Upon arrival we will quarantine according to Danish guidelines.

How will you handle such a long flight with a toddler?

I have been sourcing some items for the plane that I am hoping (crosses fingers) will make it very doable. 15 hours in the air is a long time so outside of all the snacks, I found a few items that I hope will really help. I will test them out next week and then let you know what worked best.

What are you most excited about?

Spending time with family is the number one priority while we are there. Denmark is a beautiful country so we are looking forward to exploring parks, riding bikes, and soaking it all in.

When most of your content is about your house, what will you post about?

I have so many fun things coming. I have a huge project that I have been working on behind that scenes that I can’t wait to share with you in May. I also can’t wait to share more with you about Scandinavian design and Danish homes. One day DIYs will continue and the next section of my From House to Home course will take place in May.

I think that covers it. Thank you for being invested in my life and the fun changes we have coming up. Can’t wait to take you along for the journey.

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