January 19, 2022

POP Design Dilemmas – How to spruce up a new home on a budget!

POP Design Dilemmas – where you send in your space and I tell you what I would do to change it up!

Todays design dilemma comes from Danya who recently purchased her first home (Congrats!). She wanted some budget friendly suggestions to transform her kitchen and dining area.

From Danya: My name is Dayna and I am a first time homeowner! I closed in December and have no idea what to do with my kitchen. I love neutrals and cooler tones and would love your thoughts and insights. I am looking for any ideas as I have already had trouble picking paint and carpet for the rest of the house. PS, everything in my house was just painted Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. I’m on a budget here as I’m only 25!

Here is how I would design this space:

  • Create a little dining nook with a small round table and two chairs (you might have room for more)
  • Add in floor to ceiling curtains on either side of the window to make the ceilings appear taller (hand these outside off the window box unit). I would do light filtering to take advantage of all that natural light. They have super inexpensive ceiling curtain runners at ikea.
  • Swap out the light fixtures! You can really show some personality here and bring in that neutral aesthetic.
  • If you are feeling crazy, I would update the cabinets by either sanding and staining or painting them. I think right now they read a little orange next to your floor. BUT that is a huge project! So if you aren’t up for it, you can totally make what you have work. I think the color Alabaster by Sherwin Williams would be perfection.
  • Add in some artwork and fun ceramics to elevate the space. These are the things that can be fun pops of color amongst all your neutrals.
  • Get a low pile neutral rug for the kitchen! This is another way to add some fun personality. You could also add a coordinating running in the hallway into the kitchen and a basket for shoes if that is an entry point for you.
  • Last but not least, have fun with this! It’s your first home! I am so excited for you.

If you would like to be considered for this series contact me here and send in images of your space and a brief description of what you are hoping to achieve. Please note that any products linked are affiliate links and may product Perkins On Parkway a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for helping support POP!

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