January 26, 2022

POP Design Dilemmas – Small Space Studio Bedroom Ideas

POP Design Dilemmas – where you send in your space and I tell you what I would do to change it up!

Todays design dilemma comes from Stef who recently signed a 2 year lead on her studio(Congrats!). She wanted some budget renter friendly suggestions to transform her bedroom nook.

From Stef:
I just signed my lease for 2 more years at my current apartment in Chicago that I absolutely love. The one thing I don’t love is that it is a studio and I have been here for already a year and a half and I CANNOT figure out what to do with my little sleeping “nook.”

I want to separate the space with some type of room divider but haven’t been able to come up with anything cute. I used to have a 16 cube unit shelf from Target but it was too bulky and closed in the space a little too much. Another restriction I have is anything I build has to be renter-friendly. I’m allowed to paint and was also thinking about painting some type of headboard design?

Here is how I would design the space:

  • I think there are a lot of options here for closing off the space a bit more to make it feel secluded. I personally gravitate to something lighter in color and with simple lines. I think hanging curtains on a track from the ceiling could be a great option or I love this white bamboo room divider. It adds some visual interest and could be moved if you wanted it to feel a little more open.
  • I think painting the nook is a great idea to give it a point of difference. I think you should paint the back wall and the wall behind the headboard. I would do a lighter color than your walls to keep it feeling open and bright. Maybe a white or I like the color Filmy Green by Sherwin Williams if you are into trying a color out.
  • I love the idea of mounting your TV and including it in some sort of gallery wall. There is nothing better than falling asleep across from all the things that you love!
  • I would ditch the lamp and get yourself a plug in sconce to hang from the ceiling. Etsy is an awesome option here because lots of the shops can customize hanging pendant lights at no charger to you. I love this one.
  • I would put a rug down by your bed, it will help define the space plus when you jump out of bed in the morning it will be mega cozy.

If you would like to be considered for this series contact me at perkins on parkway @ gmail and send in images of your space and a brief description of what you are hoping to achieve. Please note that any products linked are affiliate links and may product Perkins On Parkway a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for helping support POP!

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