February 07, 2022

POP Monday Must Have – Bar stools and Counter stools for the modern home

When we finished our remodel we were OUT of money. So I ordered some inexpensive barstools online (we are talking $99 for both – see above) and when they arrived I HATED THEM. It cost about as much in shipping to return them as they cost to purchase originally so I ended up keeping them. They are still in the kitchen to this day two years later. UGH. The things are learn to live with.

Since 2022 is all about the year of intention living I am trying to comb through my home and replace the items that don’t bring me joy. The round up of stools this week is the first step in the right direction. Here are the main priorities I have when shopping for a new bar stool:

  • MUST MUST MUST have a foot rest. Our current ones don’t and it might be my biggest pet peeve in the world. Short people… we have got to have a foot rest.
  • I don’t want it to compete with the wood tone in our island. We already have oak floors, maple wood on the island, and a different color of wood kitchen chairs. It feels based on that alone that I should steer clear of anything wood toned, but I still included some in this round up because they were pretty.
  • It has got to be comfortable! I am leaning towards a barstool that has a back because I think overall those are more comfortable to lounge in.
  • Finally thinking about fabric durability. With a toddler in the house, lets me honest, that leather starts to look really appealing.

So that is where my head is at! Here is a bunch that I really like, I am leaning towards either a stool with a white or black frame and leather on the seat. There are some real ranges in price, one of these starts at $99 for 2! Would you believe some fo these are from Walmart?! Enjoy and I hope this helps.

Shop the modern barstools:

If you are looking for something smaller, check out these styling items that I pulled together. Bookends, vases, globes, so much good stuff.

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