April 01, 2021

POP Spring Cleaning Challenge

If you’ve been following along on IG, you know I’m in a spring refresh mood. Last week I cleaned up my front door and added some porch decor, and this week I switched out my duvet cover for a lighter look. Now I want to lighten up the whole house with a bit of a declutter.

Usually when I think of decluttering I think of a major Home Edit or Marie Kondo overhaul, and then I get overwhelmed. For my 2021 Spring Clean, I want to focus on gradual progress. Every day for the next 2 weeks I’m going to find one item to donate or toss in a different area of the house. By the end of two weeks it will be a decent donation, and each room will feel a little bit lighter!

If this sounds like your speed of spring cleaning, I hope you’ll join in IG stories. I’ll post every day there with my progress, but here is the whole plan for those that like to read ahead!

Make a Plan

Before you get started, grab an old box or laundry basket where you are going to gather items throughout the spring clean. This will give you some visual feedback on your progress!


Pick one item of clothing that doesn’t fit, doesn’t bring you joy, or is just worn out. Put it in the bin!

Junk Drawer

You know you have a junk drawer, or maybe a junk cupboard. Head there and pick out an item or two that has been kicking around forever and needs to go!


Have an old pair of shoes? A terribly uncomfortable pair? Let’s get them DONATED.


Michael the intern will likely protest this one, but if you have book you read and didn’t enjoy, or one you know you will never read, pass it along.


Don’t we all want a major garage overhaul? Today is not the day for that, but it is the day to find one item that can be donated or thrown away.

Kitchen Utensils

I swear spatulas and crappy spoons multiply in my kitchen drawer. Take a look and see if you have a utensil you never use or is past its prime.

Kitchen Cabinets

Old cup from a baseball game? Mismatched plates that you never use but have in the cupboard anyway? Time for them to go.

Bathroom Drawer

Old makeup? Random samples? If they are over a year old, it’s recommended to TOSS THEM. If you have unopened products, consider giving them away to a friend or sister.

Linen closet

Hanging on to some sheets from college? Lost a fitted sheet but still have the flat sheet? Add it to the bin.


Y’all know I rely on my nightstand heavily for my nighttime routine (link), but that drawer always ends up with extra pens, trash, and random items. If this happens to you too, pick one thing and donate or toss.

Kids Clothes/Toys

Surely that old McDonalds toy can go? Outgrown clothes? A couple socks that will never have a match again?

Couch or Bed

What is hiding there? Anything to throw away or donate? Take a look at see.


I know there is something expired lurking… or maybe something you bought but don’t actually like. Anything to throw away? Take a look at see.

So what do you think? It doesn’t sound too bad right? Even in brainstorming this list, my house feels cleaner already. I’m excited to get started.

Early next week I’ll walk through a few ways to donate or upcycle your items so that a spring clean doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to the dump. Stay tuned!

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