May 19, 2021

POP Weekly: A bookcase, a colorful shop in Iowa, and an Instagram tip!

A colorful art piece Photo Credit: Moglea Art

I hope you are having a great week. Things have been settling down in Denmark; my son is FINALLY sleeping (cue the happy tears). I can’t even lie, getting to this point was very difficult for my mental health. I didn’t realize how much the extensive change and extended stay of our trip would throw me. We humans crave stability.

I’m trying to soak in all the beautiful architecture here and the slower pace of life. We have been getting quite a bit of rain but the sun is finally out. Plus I got a bike! So I am excited to do some more exploration. We have 6 weeks left, it feels long and short at the same time.

Before we get into the links this week, I feel like I can’t post this today without mentioning that I realize there are so many things going on in the world. I haven’t spoken on the current conflict because I feel it is harmful to do so without being appropriately informed. I was very appreciative of this post from Fariha (Pennies For A Fortune) yesterday. I have been listening to podcasts (this one was very good) in an effort to educate myself. My heart is with those that are suffering. Thank you for holding space for those in the world.

Weekly Faves That Sparked Joy + An Instagram Tip at the End!

  • I came across this small shop, Moglea, located in Iowa run by a husband and wife duo. I love how colorful all of their unique goods are.
  • This bookcase stopped me in my tracks. Giving me total Beauty and the Beast vibes.
  • Oh Joy’s design announcement this week was just about the BEST surprise ever. You’ve got to read the domino article. I am so inspired by the use of color in her space. Like this tile combo?! Makes me ready for another renovation… almost.
  • A smart and simple cement bowl DIY tutorial that I can’t wait to try.
  • We did something absurd… we bought tickets to Noma, it’s a world renowned restaurant in Copenhagen. We are considering it a gift for our 10 year anniversary this year. I love to eat, so I am anxiously awaiting our outing there next month! Many pictures will be taken.
  • This vase is SO CUTE and substantial. Thinking about it for our large bookcase at home. I love the funky shape. Is it just me or has Crate and Barrel been ON IT lately?
  • I stopped in at Fabrek (a Danish Home Decor store) this week and shared a couple of highlights in my IG stories. They have the most beautiful home goods and ship worldwide. I didn’t get this cup and saucer set. I regret it! I have a long list of Danish stores to share with you, including some secondhand haunts. Excited to keep hunting for the upcoming giveaway that I am putting together. It’s going to be so GOOD.
  • And now the Instagram tip to make your stories more fun! Instagram is FINALLY allowing you to change the background color when you share a reel in stories. Check out how to do it here! This makes me so happy.

Featured Creator: Casita Cubanita

Lynn and I met on TikTok! She has such a fun and real approach to DIY. She does DIY in her free time while managing motherhood and a full time 9-5. I love how she tells it like it is and shares the projects that she is working on. Just look at this custom fence that she built! Here is her take on her approach to DIY:

“I don’t think I’d consider myself a designer or even have a design style. I figure that will constantly be developing and changing as my life develops and changes. When I start to plan out a room I always start with a mood or feeling. How do I want to feel while I’m in this room?

I know it’s time to renovate a room once I no longer get that feeling 💕” – Lynn

A bedroom with a dark accent wall with a white bed

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