December 02, 2014

Portland Eats // Blue Star Donuts

I present the Wahnschaffe Clan! Kadence, with the side eyed stare, tall tall Michael, Cameron rocking the PDX flannel, cute Caity and her sophisticated tongue, and myself, the Hunchback.
While in the land of weird I experienced the most epic donuts of my life. These are made from a classic brioche recipe that is apparently from France. So French-ish donuts. WHAT the delicious. I can honestly say that these were better than any donut place that I have tried in Chicago. We went to the location on Hawthrone, which is a super dreamy street full of boutiques, vintage stores, and coffee shops. My favorite little shop was Tender Loving Empire – it is part Record Label part paper goods. Basically all of my dreams mashed up into one store. I bought their Friends, & Friends of Friends cd. Pretty chill PDX type music + I love their tagline “You are part of this place.” Cute.
Here’s the Sitch
Order: A Blueberry Burbeon Basil Donut for this lady, but I had bits and pieces of all my siblings too. All were delicious but I loved mine the most.
Price: Around $3 a donut
Atmosphere: So Portland… as I sat at the little bar stool and look out the window a girl dressed in a head to toe furry rainbow get up wandered down the street. Also very trendy with its white subway tile.
With: Family! My cute sisters, Mom, Brother and Husband.
Rating: 5+++++++++ GO! Experience Life!

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  1. lisa

    YUM! We stumbled upon this place last time I was in Portland and I had the same flavor as you- SO GOOD. Craving donuts now… 🙂