September 30, 2021

Pool Views or Privacy: Remote Operated Blinds

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We bought our home for the living room. The other houses we had been looking at were small, awkward, and had almost zero natural light — my number one priority in a living space. When we walked into this great room, we knew it was “the one”.

I mean…the high ceilings..the windows…the indirect light. S O L D.

But with so many large windows came the difficult task of outfitting each room with shades/blinds/curtains. The previous owner left the wooden shades but they were completely unusable. We were starting at square one … with several non-standard windows.

I installed honeycomb shades throughout the rest of the home, but in this living room (or the Pool Room as I call it), I was stumped!

Beyond these windows is our backyard pool. I love being able to see the pool from inside–there is something so calming about the water. Knowing that I looked for options that would not block the view during the day, but could provide privacy at night. However, opening and closing 3 sets of blinds (behind the couch…and I’m not the tallest) every morning and evening was something I was worried about keeping up with.

With that background, I was intrigued when I found the Premium Woven Roller Shade from This window treatment could be customized with a cordless lift and A REMOTE.

If I put these in my living room I could live out my movie star fantasies and open and close the blinds with the click of a button. (Does anyone else remember that scene from The Holiday where a jet lagged Kate Winslet pulls down the black out shades with the touch of a button while still in bed?! Goals.)

The roller shades also came with options for color. I know y’all might be surprised, but I decided to branch out on these windows and not stick with white. I worked with an expert designer Danielle from to pick out some fabric samples that would fit my modern neutral aesthetic. She sent over 10 options for me to review.

I really loved Samoa Natural. It added a color and warmth to the window wall while aligning with the neutral organic color palette of my home. It read more pink online but in my space was the perfect neutral. Samples are a must! With a color selected, I sent custom measurements to Danielle for all four windows.

When the blinds first arrived, they unfortunately were the wrong size! Luckily because of the SureFit™ guarantee, they remade the treatments with measurements at no cost to me. When the second round of blinds arrived, they were the perfect size!

These windows run on rechargeable batteries, so before installing them I made sure each unit was charged fully. For me, I would rather recharge them every 6 month versus figure out how to run electrical to my windows (electrical work is $$$….but remember…Kate Winslet).

Installation was straightforward and pretty easy. The blinds came with the mounting brackets and screws — I was installing my blinds flush with the front of the window box, so I needed to pick up drywall anchors. I love the clean and upscale look of a flush install!

After everything was installed, I spent some time connecting each blind to the multi channel remote. That took a little time, but now my blind open and close with the click of a button!

I am so pleased with how everything came together. The blinds are a perfect combination of form and function to our favorite room in our home.

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