June 19, 2022

A Review of the Stanley Adventure Quencher – 5 Reasons Why I love My Stanley Cup

It’s no secret that my Stanley Adventure Quencher is a third limb at this point. I am a beverage girl through and through and nothing makes my at-home drink experience better than my 40 oz Stanley cup. I’ve scored 10+ different colors over the last couple years (never enough!) and I love them all! Today I want to give you my honest Stanley cup review and advice for how you can score a cup during the next drop.

Cups have been restocked HERE!

Photo collage of Stanley Cups in various colors

5 Reasons I love my Stanley Adventure Quencher

Keeps Ice Cold for 24 hours

  1. Nothing beats an ice cold sip of water in the middle of the night when you wake up parched. I keep a Stanley next to my bedside and reach for it on the regular. The true test for me was keeping my Stanley in my hot Texas car. ICE! Still frozen! A necessary appendage in order to survive these summers.

Versatile Lid

  1. The lid can be screwed on left/right to accommodate the handle – This may not seem like a game changer but it is. When I am driving I need the straw and handle one way, and when I am a passenger I need it exactly the opposite. It makes it easy to grab and enjoy without trying to get the straw in the right place.

Fits in A Cup Holder!

  1. Fits in the cup holder of your car – This right here, makes the water bottle for me. How many bottles have I had over the years just rolling around on my car floor? So many. This sits snug and secure in my cup holder and holds plenty of drink for any road trip.

So Many Color Options

  1. Fun colors – Stanley has really upped their color game and the finish of these cups is matte perfection. I have quite a collection going now and every time a new drop launches I consider adding another to the collection. In this most recent drop they launched Abalone and Shrub, my most favorite colors ever! So of course I had to grab both.

Dishwasher Friendly

  1. Can go in the Dishwasher – I saved the best for last! Hand washing who? Not you once you buy the Stanley Cup. This makes it so easy to maintain.

Shop the 40 oz and 30 oz Cup here

And now you are asking, Krystle, there must be something you don’t love about this cup, come on, spill. Okay you caught me, the only thing I would say that is a tick in the con column is that the cup is not water tight. AKA if you are looking for a water bottle to throw in your bag and go, this is not it. Because it is so large when it is full of liquid it can get a little top heavy. After having multiple cups for years I have only tipped it over a handful of times but something to keep in mind.

In summary, I really believe that these are the best cups around. Michael wouldn’t be stealing mine constantly if he didn’t love it too. Which leads to the question, why are they always sold out and how can I get one.

A collection of Stanley cups in blue, green, purple, pink, and white How to Snag A Stanley Adventure Quencher

The cups have been selling out lightning fast, for good reason but Stanley has started doing rolling restocks to help with the outages. Check here first to see if they are in stock! People are quick on the draw. Not only is it word of mouth but the influencer universe is quick to share with all their followers. Your first line of defense is signing up for Stanley emails. You will get a notification before they restock and once they are live! You’ll need to make sure it isn’t going to your spam folder.

Second, The Buy Guide offers a texting service where you can sign up to receive an alert right when they go live but you need to be fast! Text TBG to (833) 757-1077 to sign up for alerts.

Know what color you want before you get on the website and check out quickly. If you haven’t read the story of how The Buy Guide single handedly saved the Stanley Adventure Quencher from extinction, you need to! These women truly did God’s work by bringing it back. Read it here.

Target, Whole Foods, & Dick’s Sporting Goods all now carry the iconic cup too! Sometimes you can grab them online, but you will probably have more luck in stores. Each store has some unique colors that you can only get there.

Every time I see someone out in the wild with their cup I get SO EXCITED. When someone messages me and tells me that they finally got one my first question is always “What color did you get?!” I have so much fun sharing this product and using it in my daily life it feels like we are all part of one big sisterhood.

Recently I was interviewed for the New York Times (PINCH ME) article “The Sisterhood of the Stanley cup” as well as had one of my TikTok’s featured in this article on Good Morning America. All of this came to pass just because I bought a product and chose to share it. How cool is that?

You know I work as a content creator full time so when the Stanley brand caught wind of a couple of my videos on TikTok they actually reached out to work together. We collaborated on this video here and it was literally a dream come true.

If you have one and you love it, tell me why in the comments! Also, you know I want to know what color you snagged. If you don’t have one yet, I hope these tips help you grab one during the next restock. Once I know when the next launch is coming I will make sure to let you know both on instagram and tiktok so make sure you are following along there.

UPDATE: Stanley has now released a 30 oz version of the original cup and a 2.0 version of the original Stanley Adventure Quencher called the 2.0 Flowstate! The 30 oz is perfect for those that want a smaller profile of the cup.

Stanley Adventure Quencher cups in a rainbow of colors

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