November 28, 2023

Is the Stanley cup worth it? A Superfan’s List of Pros and Cons

As a self-acclaimed Stanley Tumbler expert (I’ve earned this right after years of loyalty), I can confidently say this cup changed the game! I have done my research and after collecting 10+ different colors, I’m ready to share my thoughts with you all. Is the Stanley cup worth it?

In short, yes, it’s the best tumbler in the market, but I have a few mini notes to make it even better. *Note that this post is all about the 40 oz. Adventure Quencher.

Seven different Stanley Cups are displayed on a countertop in various pastel colors


I’ve shared why I loved the cup before, but with the holiday’s quickly approaching, I thought it would be helpful to expand on my love for the Stanley Adventure Quencher and why I do believe this cup is worth the hype!

Colors + Styles

Since hitting the market in 2016, but gaining popularity in 2020, Stanley has released new colors, collaborations, and patterns each season. There are now options for customization so there is truly something for everyone (including yourself – treat yourself!) 

Thoughtful Design

Aside from all the aesthetic colors, the design of the cup is such a selling point for me. The obvious, but arguably the most important, design detail is the shape. It’s such a hassle having a water bottle in the car rolling around the seats or the floor, so having a large bottle fit in the cupholder is amazing! Another lesser known detail is the lid can be screwed on left/right to accommodate the handle – This may not seem like a game changer but it is. When I am driving I need the straw and handle one way, and when I am a passenger I need it exactly the opposite. It makes it easy to grab and enjoy without trying to get the straw in the right place.

High Quality

It’s easy to see why this cup has become so popular. Having an ice cold drink waiting for you in the car here in Texas is a luxury, and one that I now have thanks to the Stanley tumbler! I have been able to keep ice frozen in mine for up to 24 hours. Not to mention, the materials used also keep it looking nice, while still being dishwasher safe. Win win! Did you see this viral video where a woman’s car caught on fire and the Stanley STILL HAD ICE IN IT?!

Stanley itself

Supporting a company who shares my love for the environment will always be a priority, and I’m so happy that Stanley does. They focus on using sustainable materials and their amazing warranty keeps water bottles out of the landfills! They will try to fix your tumbler before they replace it.  


Stanley just launched a new offering where you can customize your cup. You can upload a graphic, logo, or text and they will etch it directly into the bottle. So cool! Would make an amazing gift.


You can read more about this cup origins here – but it is a true testament to the buying power of women. I love that this cup was something that was actually discontinued but The Buy Guide willed it back into existence. And look at its popularity now!


Nothing is perfect, including my favorite cup. Here are a few notes to consider before buying the Stanley Adventure Quencher:


This cup is perfect for sitting upright in a cupholder, however, one weak spot is it not being water tight. It’s not the best for throwing in your bag and going about your day. Also due to the shape, it doesn’t fit the best in the water bottle pouch in backpacks. Although the Adventure Quencher wasn’t designed for this, Stanley has several travel cups that are perfect for on the go (away from cup holders, that is). I always grab my IceFlow Flip Staw Tumbler for day trips. I mean, just look how cute it is!


When filled with ice and water, it can get heavy! Not a dealbreaker by any means, but it can grow uncomfortable to hold for too long. 


I do believe you get what you pay for with this cup, but there are cheaper options out there. Copying is the sincerest form of flattery right?

With all of this being said, this cup has been a part of a hydration movement! I was even quoted in the New York Times about it! By now, everyone has seen someone holding one of these either online or IRL and whoever has it will say they love it. 

Like I said, there are so many styles to pick from, but I thought I would share some of my favorites!

Green Stanley cup

The Perfect Green

I told myself that I had to start to restrict my collection to only green cups… and they just keep coming out with so many amazing green cups!

White stanley cup with neon yellow accents

Yellow Neon

Neon is very in right now, but paired with the white makes this tumbler timeless! Stay hydrated all year round with this two-toned beauty.

What’s your experience with the Stanley Cup? Do you think that the Stanley Cup is worth it? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s keep the conversation going!

Note: If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission or have a sponsored relationship with the brand, at no cost to you. We recommend only products we genuinely like. Thank you so much.

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