DIY Wall Hanging

Collage image of a DIY wall tapestry, consisting of rope shapes adhered to a canvas. The canvas hangs on the wall next to a rust-colored bed in a white, modern bedroom.


I love statement art but sometimes it can be expensive! After buying a house two years ago, and then trying to furnish the whole thing, I know how expensive it can be. A few years back I owned a weaving shop and loved exploring fiber arts. I came up with the idea for this wall hanging/tapestry of sorts when looking at a lot of the random craft supplies I had around. Making the most of quarantine and trying to use what I have ya know? Pulling inspiration from a few of my favorite artists I pulled together materials that felt organic and natural. I wanted something modern and warm. This DIY wall hanging is inexpensive to make, pretty easy to complete, and will elevate any space! Ready to jump in? Here are the supplies and a step by step to complete the project. I also have an instagram highlight that walks through the process if you are more of a visual learner.

Find that link here – DIY Tapestry Instagram Story Highlight.


A lot of these can be picked up from your local craft store, but I have linked everything on Amazon if you would like to order online. Contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting me continuing to make DIY tutorials.

Supplies include rope, a wooden dowel, canvas, wire, leather, and yarn or string

Canvas drop cloth
Black wire
Rope – Natural Color, 5/8
Rope – Natural Color, 1/2
Circle leather pieces
Brown Rope – I got mine from Hobby Lobby but I can’t find it online. Here is something similar.
Leather Pieces for ends – They only have black online, which could be cool! Here are some other leather pieces on Amazon that could work.
Wooden dowel – I got mine from Home Depot and they were able to cut it to size for me as well
Yarn – Any color you want to incorporate will work
Hot glue gun & glue
Sewing machine (Optional)

Read on for the instructions!