Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin

Heading into the new year, I’ve been feeling totally unmotivated, lacking creativity, and still not feeling my best. But I’m finding little ways of finding joy and motivation in my day that are helping me get back on track. This girl is getting ORGANIZED (did you see my closet series?!), finding new ways to spark CREATIVITY, and figuring out what this next year holds. I have seriously acne prone skin and was finding that my skin was looking the way I felt on the inside, so I decided to tackle a skincare routine for acne prone skin that would work!

Before and after of a woman's face. In the before, she has a little acne, in the after, her skin is clear.

I swapped out and simplified a few products in my skincare routine and my skin has been feeling so much happier. Don’t know about you, but feeling good PHYSICALLY makes all the difference in determining how my day will go. Having acne in my 30s… well lets just say I never thought I would be here.

I think that having a quality skincare routine is incredibly important, but I want it to be quick, easy, and affordable. So here’s a list of skincare products from Amazon that I’m loving and that help ME start my morning off right, or finish off the day feeling refreshed and ready for bed:

Skincare for Acne AM Routine:

A morning skincare routine includes cleansing wipes, a hydrating facial cleanser, and moisturizer with SPF.


The first thing you’ll find in my medicine cabinet is the Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser. I use this stuff daily, and won’t go without it. I’m definitely more acne prone, so this cleanser is super simple and gentle for my sensitive skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin to help hydrate skin without stripping moisture (this makes my dry skin so happy!)

When I’m not using Cerave, I use the Botanic Tree Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Face Cleanser (2-3x per week). This cleanser is giving me LIFE and is a little step up from the super simple Cerave cleanser. My sensitive skin is smooth, clear, and happy when using this product. It helps with dark circles, acne, excess oil…all the things. 

Don’t forget to pair the cleanser with my favorite Clean Skin Club disposable face towels. It’s pointless to cleanse your face and dry it with a dirty towel. Using these disposable towels helps ensure you’re avoiding the bacteria that can often be on your standard towels if you don’t wash them after each use. These towels are also chemical-free and UNSCENTED, an added bonus! A great option for removing makeup in the evening as well.


After cleansing, you HAVE TO moisturize! And something I need in my daily moisturizer is SPF because I’m trying to avoid those sunspots and have happy skin as I age! I use the Origins Mega-Bright SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer daily. This stuff is a dream for reducing redness, evening skin tone, and protecting your skin from the sun (a must for this Texas girl). *HOT TIP* Don’t forget to use this on your neck as well! You’ll thank me later.

Light Therapy

I’ve been finishing up my AM skincare routine with a new product that I’m LOVING. The CurrentBody Red Light Therapy face mask! I have started using this every other day in the morning after washing my face, and the results are SO GOOD. I have seen a huge change in the overall texture of my skin, and it has decreased the healing time for my acne significantly. You won’t catch me without this product moving forward! If you want to try it for yourself, use code PERKINSCB for 15% off today! Aff Link –

A model is shown with a red light therapy mask on
A woman is wearing a red light therapy mask

PM Routine:

Cleansing Wipes

I start off my evening routine by scrubbing away my makeup from the day! A favorite makeup remover that I have in rotation is the Cica Korean Facial Wipes. These are a cleanser and makeup remover in one with a little bit of gentle exfoliation! These make for a super quick and easy skincare routine, which is what I’m looking for. I love using these for a quick refresh after I go to the gym or on a walk outside.

The nightly skincare routine for acne includes cleansing pads and calming moisturizer

Moisturizing Cream

For evening hydration, let me tell you, what I was using before this product was…PRICEY. And the options are endless. So I did the search for you and found a holy grail product. The DermaCalm SOS Therapy moisturizing cream has changed the game for the extremely dry skin I deal with through the winter months, and the price can’t be beat. This stuff is great for itchy, dry skin, and even eczema. 

Don’t skip out on these products!

Optional (But Luxe) Products

Want to add a few extra steps to your skincare routine that make it feel like a whole DIY SPA EXPERIENCE? Here are a few of my favorite products that I only use a few times a week when I need a little extra skincare boost:

More skincare products are pictured

The Clarins Cryo-Flash Mask is everything. I cut the cord with Botox and am always looking for other ways of keeping my skin feeling tight and lifted. This mask has a gel-cream consistency and is icy cold. It shrinks my pores, makes my skin feel super moisturized, and gives it the plump and lifted appearance I’m looking for. 

After weeks of feeling sick and run-down, the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Hydra-Gel Eye Patches have been a lifesaver. I wear them around the house in the morning, giving them the time to do their magic. They are refreshing and get rid of the puffy eyes and dark circles that feel inevitable some days.

Every few days, I like to add a serum into my routine in the morning after cleansing. The SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum is a go-to for me! It combats fine lines and wrinkles, brightens your complexion, and has mega anti-aging benefits you won’t want to miss out on.

For my friends with hormonal acne, I GOT YOU. Another great SkinCeuticals product that helps fight my hormonal acne is the Glycolic Acid Cream. It promotes cell turnover which is a must for addressing acne, and it also addresses skin discoloration and aging. I love this stuff. Use this product after cleansing and before moisturizing!

A collagen mask is pictured

Collagen Mask

Last but certainly not least is the Stylia V-Line Lifting Hydrogel Collagen Mask. This product helps to contour and shape your chin, giving it the little extra lift I need. It refreshes my skin and is super comfortable to wear. It really does it all. 

Incorporating this skincare routine for acne into my day has helped me feel like a human again! It sets me up for success when I have a big day of projects ahead, and all these products are on re-order in my Amazon cart. I won’t go without them!