Creating an Organic Modern Thanksgiving Table Setting

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it’s that time of year when we gather around the table to give thanks, stuff ourselves with turkey, and probably engage in some slightly awkward family conversations. I don’t know about you but I am glad it’s not an election year… This year, I am going for an organic modern Thanksgiving table setting, and I have some tips that will help you nail the balance of warm and cool, modern and inviting. So, put on your party pants, and let’s get started!

A collage of Thanksgiving table setting ideas

1. Moody Modern Color Palette

We’re embracing the moody vibe this Thanksgiving. Think of it as the “I just binge-watched a season of my favorite drama series” color palette. Succession anyone? Muted shades of green, brown, and rust will set the stage for your fabulous feast. The only thing missing is the dimmer switch.

2. Natural Tableware

You know you’re an adult when you get excited about dinner plates. Opt for something like stone or ceramic to match your muted theme. Black and brass accents are your BFFs here. Just remember to eat your mashed potatoes and gravy, not your plate.

3. Textured Table Linens

Linen, like a fine wine, adds that touch of sophistication to your table. I love this linen table runner and don’t forget those linen napkins. They’re like the stylish manicure that completes your Thanksgiving outfit. With the napkins don’t forget the napkin rings… I don’t want you to experience the disappointment my MIL expressed last time she was here and I didn’t have 12 matching ones haha.

4. Moody Lighting

Dim the lights AND bring out the candles! My husband is danish, and you better believe we aren’t getting through a meal without some hygge. You want your table to look so good that it makes your guests wonder if they’ve accidentally walked into a fancy restaurant. light those taper candles that you have been saving in a drawer for years, it’s time.

5. Seasonal Decor

Pumpkins, pinecones, and autumn leaves are your festive friends. Scatter them around for a touch of autumn magic.

6. Personalized Place Cards

Let’s add a personal touch, shall we? Personalized place cards will make your guests feel special. It’s also a sneaky way to ensure Aunt Mildred sits next to the cousin she can’t argue with!

7. Modern Table Centerpiece

Create a centerpiece that says, “I know how to adult.” A low-profile arrangement of florals paired with candleholders is the fresh whipped cream on the pumpkin pie.

Now, drumroll, please! We’ve curated a list of organic modern Thanksgiving table setting products available on Amazon to save you from a turkey-induced panic. From elegant dinnerware to quirky decor items, you’ll find everything you need to make your Thanksgiving table the talk of the town.

Daisy Wavy Plates

A stack of scalloped white plates

Wavy Silverware

Wavy silverware

Dried Orange Slices

Dried orange slices for decorating the table

Modern Gold Silverware Set

Gold matte silverware set

Brown Gauze Napkins

Brown gauze napkins

Napkin Rings

Wooden two-toned napkin rings

Ceramic Vase

A white ceramic vase

Green Candlestick Holders

A set of green glass candle holders

Linen Table Runner with Fringe

A linen table runner is draped across a table

Gradient Taper Candles

Taper candles in muted sunset colors

Natural Linen Napkins

Linen napkins

Marble Candle Holders

Marble candle holders

Stripe Linen Table Runner

Striped linen table runner

Brass Taper Candlesticks

Brass taper candlesticks

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