February 01, 2021

The Studio – Room Renovation Game Plan

I am ready to dive into my first big project of 2021. Earlier this year I put up a poll in instagram stories and ask you all if I should build an entryway table or renovate my studio and the studio won. If I am being honest I had a little bit of a mental block around this room. After mulling over how to tackle it, I feel like I had a huge breakthrough this weekend. I got into the creative flow and was able to visualize where I want the space to end up. Super exited about the prospect of having this room work for me.

As you know, I do lots of DIYs (hey pedestal bowl and wooden vases!) and normally I am scrambling at the kitchen table during naptime having to clean up to protect my projects from my favorite two year old. Having this space functional means that I can create ALL THE TIME. Film tutorials and videos at multiple points throughout a week since no one will disturb my set up. It feels like the perfect fresh way to kick off the year.


Source Images: Design Sponge // Eye Swoon // The Stables
This mood board paints a really clear idea of the space that I want to create. Very tonal. Calm. I see this room being the backdrop to all of my filming so I want it to be simple yet warm. My entire house has white walls but I am considering color for this room. I want it to feel really dynamic as a backdrop and white can sometimes fall flat.

There are two big changes that I want to make. The first being a feature wall that covers two walls in the room. I am leaning towards a slated or fluted wall (working on pricing out materials right now). The part that I am really excited about (you might have seen this video) is that I am planning to carry this over the door. So it will look like one seamless wall when the door is closed. The second big change will be the cabinet and floating shelves that I am going to build. These will serve the two purposes 1) more storage for all my many DIY supplies and 2) adding depth and styling opportunities for the backdrop of videos.

Are you catching the vision? The last things I add will be styling – a new light fixture, the island to work at, and a rug to cover up this carpet. Hoping we can replace it someday SOON. I am getting so excited to jump into this space and can’t wait to bring y’all along.

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