August 31, 2015

The Wooden Spoon

In an effort to love Dallas more I came up with the idea of “Satur-Dallas” which is just a “super clever” (please note the sarcasm) way of saying that every Saturday Michael and I are going to go somewhere new. Try a new restaurant, see a new shop, maybe explore the outdoors? Anything and everything! In my opinion Dallas doesn’t present the cool things about it well. The fun hip spots are hidden behind all the freeways and shiny glass buildings. So once a week we are going to go looking for it. I need some inspirations. I’m planning on toting my DSLR along with me to try and get better at taking/editing pictures. And so it begins.

This Saturday we went to The Wooden Spoon. It is a scandinavian focused store up in Plano. Because Michael is straight Danish we decided to go check it out to see if we could acquire a few tastes of home. It is located in kind of a weird area in an old house. They have some authentic scandinavian candy (not our favorite kinds but it would do in a pinch) and food. Overall the store is a little kitschy, but cute. I was hoping there would be pastry. This will be a great resource during the holidays when I need some pre-made Julehjerte for decorations. The lady running the store was of norwegian descent. It seems like they have a fun little scandinavian community up there. Apparently in Octorber there is going to be a Smørresbrød Sunday (bread and butter sunday) so we need to come up for that. Hopefully we can meet some other Dallas Danes.

And we vlogged the whole thing! After the break.

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  1. Unknown

    I love the pictures of the Scandinavian souvenirs! And I do like the hat as well.

  2. Unknown

    THE LITTLE VIKINGS. I am dead. They are so cute haha. I think Satur-Dallas sounds like the best freaking idea!