September 01, 2022

$50 Play Kitchen Makeover

I found this play kitchen on facebook marketplace for $50 and grabbed it I knew it would be perfect for a play kitchen makeover. My son loves playing pretend so I thought this would be a great toy to have for his development. I knew it needed some love, not that I have anything against the color purple, because in addition to the normal wear/tear it doesn’t fit in with the color palette of my home. Because we don’t have a dedicated play area I wanted something that would fit seamlessly in with our other decor. Having all my sons toys in our main living area can be a challenge but finding beautiful ways to corral them (like this kids nook) really helps. I came up with the idea that I could make this play kitchen match our own large kitchen because they are in the same area and thought that would be so cute. We love our big kitchen and everything is better mini! I came up with a game plan and got to work. Here is how I have this purple play kitchen its neutral aesthetic glow up!

First I took off all the hardware on the existing kitchen so that I could paint everything separately. I decided to go with spray paint for this project for ease.

Second, I taped off the hinges and base of the play kitchen. I decided to keep the base of the kitchen the original silver.

Third, I painted all the pieces of the kitchen different colors. I choose BEHR Toasty Gray as the main body of the kitchen and BEHR Oil Rubbed Bronze and BEHR Champagne Gold as the accent colors. Fun fact, BEHR Toasty Gray is actually the same color as the entire exterior of our home. The perfect way to pay an homage to the Perkins On Parkway house.

Fourth, While the paint was drying I built a new backsplash for the kitchen. I cut down a piece of select pine to make the measurement of the backsplash the same height as the matching fridge. Once I had that in place I added a small shelf using pocket holes and wood glue. The shelf was a select pine scrap that I had leftover from another project.

Fifth, I tiled the backsplash using the product musselbound, which is essentially just a giant sticker that is perfect for adhere tile. It made this super easy! Because I was doing such a small area I didn’t want to mix up any mortar. I also opted not to grout the tile since it was just for a play kitchen.

Sixth, I added a new faucet! The one that this set came with kept breaking (over and over again even after I would fix it). So I decided to upgrade the faucet to metal so that it would be toddler proof. I search on amazon for the cheapest bathroom faucet I could find and this one came up! I was so happy that it was also really beautiful and fit in with the color palette I was planning.

Seventh, I assembled everything back together! I attached the new backsplash using wood glue and pocket screws. For the rest of the pieces I just put them back in place with the original screws. Voila! An updated modern play kitchen for a fraction of the price that it would have cost me to purchase.

All in this project cost under $100:

Tools used:

I am so happy with the updated look! It fits so much better in with the rest of our home and I love that they have the same matching backsplash. Now when I scan my eyes across our main living area this just blends in, verses being a total eye sore. Plus my son totally loves that this matched our actual kitchen! He loves that the backsplash is the same. Win! If you like making over stuff for your kids, check out the cardboard Casita that I made for my sons 3rd Birthday!

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