April 28, 2021

Welcome to POP Weekly!

Welcome to the first ever POP Weekly! We are all curators of the web in some respect and I want to create a space where I can chronicle all of my discoveries. There are so many incredible projects happening in the home decor space and I want to share! Inspiring creators that I want to introduce you to, interesting articles and content, and of course products that have caught my eye! So here we go. I hope you enjoy.

Simon Alexandre Clément Denis, Study of Clouds with a Sunset near Rome

  • I just found this amazing print shop that has aggregated a bunch of free art that is available via the public domain. I made a Tik Tok explaining how it works here. You can visit A Home Is Announced print shop here.
  • I guess we should all be walking more. I love walking. Hoping to implement this more while in Denmark.
  • This table lamp has been on my list for a while. I love its funky 80s vibe.
  • Been wanting to try this recipe. Smashed brussels sprouts? Sounds delicious.
  • I have been wearing this sweatshirt non-stop, and it is on sale!
  • I have been loving this email subscription. They send anti-racisim information daily to my inbox. It is always thought provoking.
  • We watched My Octopus Teacher and I cried. I am terrified of the ocean but this film was transportive. Trailer is here.
  • This small shop makes the more beautiful mobiles and wall art.

Featured Creator: Kari Estrada

Say hello to Kari! She has a beautiful home where she demonstrates a bright and minimal atheistic. I love how cheery her photos are and the sense of happiness that exudes. Head to her feed for some inspiration and check out her design philosophy below.

“I love to bring spaces to life by making them feel bright, cozy and purposeful, but also personal and a bit quirky. I’m a minimalist fan with way too much love for vases, books and trinkets. I’m all about supporting small local brands and try to include Mexican pieces (both modern and traditional) in my home. I know that in real life putting together a house is a slow, hard and expensive task, but also a wonderful one and I really cherish each little step forward. My aim is to make the best with what I have today, enjoying the ride of making a space my own.” – Kari

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