October 06, 2020

Wooden Vase DIY

Art Print // Candle Sticks // Vase // Rug

I am so excited to share this easy minimal wooden vase DIY with you today. I love the look of raw wood and have been very into the reeded details that are popping up everywhere. This is an inexpensive DIY that I think provides a high-end look. It feels very Scandinavian to me and the perfect accent for a simple fall set up. You can use dried florals elements, pampas, or even fresh greenery since these are watertight!

All five of these took me a couple of hours. I started a bit slow, but by the fifth vase, I was flying! I love the look of the raw wood, but I think they could look super cool painted. Someone do that!

A note on supplies – I bought my craft rings from Amazon and Hobby Lobby, but they have them everywhere. If you make a larger vase, you need to order them online. The largest ones I could find in-store were 90mm and they were in the macrame section at Hobby Lobby. I have linked them here. I got most of my vessels from the thrift store and Hobby Lobby. Tall skinny shot glasses work well for the small rings! The most helpful tip when looking for vessels for this project is to find glasses/votives that go straight up. Curves make this project more complicated.


— Supplies —
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Wooden rings in various sizes. Large 3.8 inch Hobby Lobby wooden rings here

Vessels in various sizes

Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Leather or cardstock
Scissors – These are my FAVORITE scissors.
Clamps (not needed, but can be helpful)

— Wood Vase Project Steps —
1. Choose a glass vessel that fits inside of the wood ring size of your choosing.

2. Take wooden ring and trace on leather and cut out leather piece.

3. Glue leather circle onto bottom of the wooden ring with hot glue.

4. Place bead of hot glue in middle of leather circle and place vessel centered inside of the wooden ring.

5. Put hot glue on the inside edge of the bottom wooden ring, place second wooden ring on top of the first ring. Ensure they are aligned before the glue starts to harden. Run an additional line of glue along the inside seam of wooden ring 1 & 2 to secure the seam. Hold down ring down until glue hardens.

TIP: you are going to want the seams to be as tight as possible. You will need to smooth out the hot glue and move quickly. Wood glue makes a tighter seam but takes longer. I used clamps on one of my vases and it kept everything snug. It isn’t needed, but makes it look a little more polished.

6. Add third ring in same manner as the first. Continue gluing one wooden ring on top of the other until you reach the desired height.

7. Once you reach the last ring, you should not see any of the vessel over the top of the highest wooden ring.

8. Find a smaller wooden ring that fits inside your top ring, place a line of glue around the lip/edge of the top of your vessel and adhere the smaller wooden ring.

9. You’re done!

Feel free to pin and share this DIY. I would love it!

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