April 3, 2015

You Are Infinite

The finality of mortal life juxtaposed with my soul longing for immortality has been weighing on my mind.

Struggling to internalize how the bills and monotonous tasks of the day to day add up to the totality of eternal potential that I possess.

While I know life is finite, it is the moments in which I feel infinite that I feel home.

I believe in something greater
In something good
In people
In love
In kindness
In beauty
In truth

I cling to these beliefs and in them is where my soul emerges, creative and true. Here I feel powerful and strong. Nestled in the idea that it is my purpose to create.

The moments of strength, true joy, and passion that cause me to align to my personal true north, take stock, recalibrate the goodness of the direction I live.

Looking for time amongst the day to dayness of this finite life that I lead to be honest.

I tell myself:
To live a simple life is enough.
To be unknown to the world is okay.
To create is enough.
You do not need fame.
You do not need validation.
You do not need to put on appearances.
Be kind.
Be patient.
Be better.

To be creative does not mean that you have to be the best or have the best product. It is the simple act of the creation where the purpose of the project lies.

Go and do. Don’t be the best. Give yourself permission to create for the sake of creation. You can share but also, you don’t have to. You are allowed to be private. Keep it close. You are allowed to get to know yourself and be honest about what you like and who you are.

These things are all ok. You are ok and you are infinite.

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